Little important nothings of the goings on at the Walker Residence. Like the summer nights that gradually start a little earlier, now midsummer has passed. It’s really noisy with crickets and cicadas chirping and buzzing like mad.


Charley adorned with her favorite jewel is looking out for those cheeky raccoons!


And what a glorious feeling it was, to safe together with a neighborhood boy and two police officers 11 little ducklings who had fallen in the sewer. Mama Wood Duck had alerted us with running in circles around the grate of the sewer. Amazingly, once we started hauling up the little babies, she settled herself underneath a bush in the garden calling to and collecting her brood.  The long limbed lady in hat is me, the handle of the net was a bit short and my arms were by far the longest…


Summer baking..a lovely lemon pie and an upside down apple cake.


Experimenting with markers…that’s actually quite hard to work with!


Summer reading consists of revisiting classics like ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Middle March’ .But I also enjoy this delightful 1930 children’s book ever so much! I am certainly of a later date but it still brings happy memories!


Youngest Mr. Walker was here for a week, and Charley enjoyed going for drives even more!


And I always enjoy watching water striders. They have so many different names. In Dutch they are called ‘skate riders’ .


But the Stars of Summer in my opinion are these elegant water damsels.


De zomer gaat door, met steeds langere zomeravonden, samen met politie agenten en een buurjongen eendjes redden uit t riool , taarten bakken, lekker lezen, experimenteren met stiften , een bezoek van de jongste Walkerboy en leuke dieren in de natuur als schaatsen rijders en waterjuffers.

Love and Liefs, Johanna



Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week! Charley wonders if the weather is good enough for a hike or if visitors will come?  Well what more makes a good Saturday ?

IMG_1200 (1)
Definitely a good breakfast! (best GF breakfast ever!)


A trip to Findlay Market…myohmyohmy the colors are so pretty there

We buy there the best tea and coffee and Mr.Walker’s sourdough breads.

How splendid can you look in a cowboy hat underneath one of the best signs ever?

Excellent healthy street food for lunch, sitting on a bench and watching other market shoppers go by…and they are watching us of course.

This area down town is becoming more beautiful each time we go there!

Whilst we are downtown, we might as well visit the Cincinnati Art Museum…even the Bicycle Rack is artful there.

When home again, a good nap is in order!

And we finish the day with an excellent BBQ, all local food!

Wishing you an excellent weekend…what are you up too?

Love and Liefs, Johanna

ps very proud to finally manage to use the photos of my phone on my blog with google photos…I only need to figure out how to watermark them.

Sketch Journal Project


sketchbook07-04-16001-001“An illustration is a graphic depiction of any concept or subject in a drawing, sketch, painting, photograph, cinema or other type of image. The word comes from the latin word illustra’tio, illu’stro meaning enlighten, irradiate.”
Illustration – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An excellent definition , I’d say. I consider my work as Illustrative Art. I like my work to tell a story, to evoke a feeling, a memory. And I know the limitations of my talent for drawing. So drawing after real life never really had my interest, (much to the dismay of former art teachers. )

And I am pleased to say, I am no longer taken aback by it either in a way that would make me shy to show my work. Now that took a long time ;o) I really love what I am doing and it makes me very happy when people love my work too.

However, I keep on studying and practicing because I do want to learn new skills and improve on the ones I already have. But only to further develop my own style, not to be able ‘to better get it right’.


This sketch took me out of my comfort zone. It’s a landscape , it needs perspective…hard work for me! I wanted to make a sketch of my favorite spot in the garden. Under that big tree, on the steps of the deck in my backyard. That’s where I love to sit with a cup of tea and just watch the birds and Charley and think of nothing in particular. To catch that feeling I had ‘to move’ three and ‘reshape’ the house. All and all I am happy with it, as far as I (or any artist that looks at its own work, I suspect) can be happy with it.

Just drawing it exactly as it is, would not have given me the opportunity to capture that feeling. Does it make sense to you?

Love and Liefs, Johanna

ps this is an older photo, the house is indeed painted white now ;o)



What happened in every day life at the Walker residence? Well, there was a fabulous tea party with a couple fabulous friends in honor of a birthday.  The weather was perfect…

Then the weather turned nasty hot and our backyard birds were so happy with our fountain.



I gave a lovely smart cookie of a girl a book and card for her 6th birthday and look what she send me for a ‘Thank You Note’ !! What a talent and a promise for the future!!!



It is always a secret wish of mine, to have chickens scurrying and scratching around in the garden. However, we travel too much and Charley loves chickens in different way (nicely cut up in her bowl…) So I am very happy with this jolly fat chicken, I found in a yard sale for 5 dollar and she takes care of herself!!!


Knitting these mittens is such bliss…at least when my hands are not too hot and sweaty.


And I finished and blocked this colorful shawl. Charley thinks it matches her coat very well.


Wat gebeurde er zoal in Huize Walker de laatste tijd? Nou bijvoorbeeld een gezellig thee partijtje met gezellige vriendinnen. Vogels die verkoeling zoeken van wel heel heet weer.Een bijzonder leuk meisje die een wel heel fraai bedankbriefje stuurde voor een cadeautje met kaartje. En ach…deze gezellige dikke kip!! Slechts 5 dollar op een garage sale en zij zorgt ook nog es voor zichzelf. Charley was teleurgesteld want zij ziet liever een kipje lekker in t pannetje ;o) Zij wilde wel even fotomodel zijn voor deze gebreide sjaal…en als t niet klef heet is, brei ik ook graag aan deze wanten.

Happy Canada day and Happy Fourth of July…a nice long weekend for all here in North America!
Love and Liefs, Johanna

Sketch, Fine Liner & Color


DSC_0979So back to work! One of my wonderful friends asked me to make a set of cards to compliment a tea themed gift basket, to be raffled of for a fundraiser.

Why yes, I loved to do that!

What fun it was and I must say, I was chuffed to bits to see them neatly printed.





Deze kaartjes heb ik gemaakt voor een lieve vriendin. Ze zijn bestemd voor een liefdadigheidsactie en worden verloot in een mandje met allemaal gezellige theedingen. Ik was erg blij toen ik ze zo netjes afgedrukt zag!

Have a great weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna



Well Spring has sprung and gave, next to work in the garden, lots of beautiful flowers in home to enjoy.


There was painting to be done, the kitchen looks nice and shiny again.


We had lovely warm days and I had plenty of time too, to just sit in the garden and watch birds and ‘our’ squirrels. They hardly left the owl box they live in and I suspected they had babies.

DSC_1049-001And indeed , we got some glimpses of them. There seem to be two…I am not always a fan of those greedy squirrels but this is so cute.

DSC_1040-001Knitting at the moment is this simple shawl but such a joy with this incredible yarn in the most beautiful colors. I so wanted to knit in colors after reading this book about Sonia Delaunay.


I watched the documentary on Vivian Maier and I am fascinated by her story. A sad story too in a way. I ordered her books from the library and I am enjoying it so much…what an incredible talent this remarkable woman had!


DSC_1104-001My sister was here with my brother-in-law for a whole week …such bliss. She spoiled me rotten and amongst the many presents she left me with, this lovely donkey for my collection. She shook her head…


Am I the only one who loves these??? Mr. Walker says, he likes them best in my studio ;0) …but I am still moping and sulking now my sister travelled back all the way to The Netherlands.

So best remedy for that: busy working again! For instance on a tea themed card set a lovey friend requested…it makes me very happy!

Aaaand Mr. Walker and I did also some very exciting traveling ourselves!! Can you guess where we were? More about that later.

Nou dat was een drukke tijd met veel werk in de tuin en ondertussen genieten ook van schattige eekhoorntjes, de keuken kreeg een likje verf, mijn zuster en haar man kwamen op bezoek vanuit Nederland (en gingen weer terug, snif!) Lekker breien en weer druk met tekenen. En meneer Walker en ik zijn op reis geweest…raad eens waar we waren?
Meer daarover later!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Lately: Apologies, Taking a Break and Happy Easter!!!


Dear blog friends! Myohmyohmy, life is unusual busy here at the Walker residence. Kitchen redecoration, several travels, a garden that needs full devotion in Spring…most of it fun. However, my pace of life is usually very slow so when things speed up, I have a hard time moving along.

I have neglected you all terribly. So sorry about that.



Even too busy to do much drawing but I did make these two birthday cards for two veryveryvery special people.

So I have decided to take a break from blogging! I am going to miss you all terribly.

I wish you all Happy Easter and I hope we can all enjoy good spring weather.

Een ongebruikelijke drukke bedoening hier in Huize Walker! Keuken wordt eens opgeknapt, de tuin heeft alle aandacht natuurlijk nodig, er wordt gereisd ook…ohohoh, ik heb mijn blogvrienden verwaarloosd!!! Dus ik heb de knoop doorgehakt en neem eens even een pauze van bloggen!

Ik wens iedereen fijn Paasdagen toe en een heerlijke lente!

Love and Liefs,

Portrait of a (Very) Bored Dog


bored dog001Normally, when I am sick, Charley loves being the nurse. Laying on the bed, giving cuddles. That is when Mr. Walker is home and she knows by the end of the day she will get her long daily walk.



This time however she was out of luck: Mr. Walker was in Europe for business. And after two days indoors and some scurrying through the garden, she was pretty fed up with me.



My Darling Girl transformed into a Pouty Princess giving me the stink eye all day.




DSC_0137Ah, but good times are back for her. Mr. Walker returned from his trip and even better: her best friend, the Youngest Mr. Walker is here for a visit. Life is perfect again in Charley Land!

Have a great Weekend.
Love and Liefs,

Lately: Colds, Colors and Comfort


February can already give those little glimpses of Spring on the occasional warmer, sunny days here in Southern Ohio. Or not…

Even Mr. And Mrs. Squirrel prefer staying indoors. Actually quite cosy, the two darlings in the owl box where they made a warm nest of leaves and moss and the likes.

And so a few of my Wonderful Friends and I decided to go to a Knitting Retreat , perfect for February (more about that later)

It was marvelous…but alas, we all came back with a nasty flu. (Another bird, not really sharp but quite funny.)

My flu virus had even worse manners and invited bacteria that lead to a lung infection and ruthless, ever so much inelegant coughing.


I am incredibly bored because the only thing I like to do now, is play with my camera and sleep.

Apparently, I even rather take photos of my meals then eat them.


Thanks goodness, there lots of color at least on my plate.


And in the flower vases.

Yeah….incredibly bored…not that you will hear me whine about it ….

Ik ben herstellende van een zwarte griep en verveel me een beetje…

Love and Liefs,

Kelly’s Bear, Cold Birds and Judy’s Prize

tea and bear003

Finished Kelly’s bear…with the cold spell in the forecast, it seems he is in a good place. I hope, he falls asleep again soon and does not wake up before Spring;0)

And I will keep on feeding the birds until that time!






And the Lovely Judy (please check out her blog, it is such a cozy place!!!) won the pillow cases. So please Judy, email me your address at and I will send them to you ASAP!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna