Fall , One More Time


I know it’s December and I should think about decking halls and trimming trees…but with that strange balmy weather for the longest time I felt that Fall had only just begun!
I just finished this drawing..my yearly Fall drawing ;o) So today still fall for me…
Tomorrow I will start thinking about Christmas.

And here my Fall drawings from past years too.

Have a great weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Ps proposal for book cover…


Sketch Journal Project: Crayons and Finished Work!

SJP1 sept 16001

I practically always work with color pencils and fine liners. I love it, I can make the drawings that are in my head. However, I do have a desire to make my work more ‘loose’ ,more movement in it, more like the 1950 plate decoration shown here and which I love so much. I am playing here with watercolor crayons and I really love it. I am quite happy after this first attempt and I will continue playing with it.


living room 4004And finally, all the illustrations are finished for the Children’s Book (fingers crossed, though) These are last two. Hopefully within two months I will be able to show full finished result!!!(fingers, legs and eyes crossed here!)

cast away 3003
Ach soms will je wel eens wat anders, eens experimenteren. Ik werk altijd met kleurpotloden en zwarte stift. Maar ik zou ook weleens werk willen maken dat er ‘losser’ uit ziet, met meer beweging. Zoals dat alleraardigste jaren 50 bordje bv.
En eindelijk de laatste illustraties voor t kinderboek af…nu flink duimen dat er binnen twee maand een boek op tafel ligt!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Lately…Important Nothings and Downton Abbey!



Well we had a little breather with cooler weather last weekend. Mr. Walker and I enjoyed a good walk at Rowe Woods..such joy!!!

Ragweed season has started and our Darling Girl is allergic to it. Her skin gets so itchy and she starts wriggling and crying. So immediately of to the vet for her shot and on coming home, she made sigh of relief and continued with her favorite activity.


IMG_1499With apologies for this rather blurry photo…but all this packing material was used to send  the three little bottles of vitamins in the front of it….

The Walker boys and I text a lot and send each other photos during the day. The Youngest Walker Boy received some doodles making fun of the difference in height between him and his Princess (she is adorable) and him spoiling those cats! ( there is always a lot of teasing going around amongst the Walker Clan)

I showed the Oldest Walker Boy this book and we decided to challenge each other drawing a map…this was his, of course so creative and original!!


Mine…your traditional medieval map. Good practice but not very original.



And what a great book this is!! Cocktails and literature…best of both worlds and beautiful illustrations to boot! 


And I leave you with all these photos of the splendid costumes from Downton Abbey!!! The traveling exhibition arrived at the Taft Museum and my friends and I ordered tickets all ready last spring and were of in a thunder gallop as soon as our time came up!! There was a lot of ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aaahs’ ….and I would be very happy with that red coat!

Have a great weekend!!

Love and Liefs,


sketch fish004

alalana sea star horizon001-001

This is a sketch send out for approval for a project that has been going on for a long time. It is for a children’s book.

This drawing I made earlier but I was requested to do it is again in Landscape. A good time to bring out my sketchbook again and practice with it. I still use it too little.

sketch fish001-001
Somewhere on one of the fabulous blogs I follow, I saw a collage with a flying fish which got stuck in my head. It inspired me to have a go at such a remarkable creature myself. Whoever you are…I am so sorry but I forgot which one and I would love to know and give proper credit ! Update 11 July 2016, it was the creatfuldodger!

sketch fish005

And after scaring so many people with my previous post, unintended may I add,  I tried to draw a sweet friendly snake…but so far I cannot get the head right ;o) 

sketch snake003
Love and Liefs, Johanna



I have started my New Year’s resolutions ahead of time. I am going to work more with a sketchbook! I have never used it much and was always criticized by teachers for it (rightfully so..) I usually have the habit of creating the artwork from the first sketch.

Many of my friends in the blogosphere share their sketchbook and I studied them all carefully over the last year. So instead of using my scrap paper, I have bought a real sketchbook with nice firm paper suitable for different medium.

DSC_9831Here the first results. A study of faces looking up and ‘playing’ with an idea for a Christmas drawing. I enjoyed it very much.

I think it made me think more carefully about the composition in this one.

And talking about art and being educated. I really enjoyed these books lately. “Facial Expressions” was a good tip by Jill. You see, how much I learn from my fellow bloggers?

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Last Week…A Pain In The Neck And Artists In The House


I have not finished any drawing because of a neck injury, which drives me nuts is a little annoying.
But thank goodness, enough distractions. The Oldest Young Mr. Walker was here for a visit and he too brought a friend.

Both of them are very hard working young people and I loved giving them a well deserved mollycoddling. They were happy with just catching up with sleep, reading, walking and finally do some drawing. It was so peaceful in the house!

DSC_8051This is a project the Oldest Walker Boy is working on, every time he comes here. I love it, seeing it grow slowly and discovering new things in it. Very detailed.

And this is the second art work, his friend made. Isn’t this the best portrait of Charley??? Looking at her Catlike creature too…her work has the flavor of Dr. Seuss, right? And than the lovely young lady said: ” Would you like to have these drawings?”
I was speechless with joy…

And more presents: these two LOVELY Heager vases from the fifties I got from the Oldest Walker Boy as a “Thank You”…he knows his mom very well. They look splendid on the fifties side board in the dining room. This room is still a bit bare since it is newly renovated. Mr. Walker said, they might grow on him…

Talking about artists again: Mr. Walker is doing witchcraft on the computer with our photos and he came up with this!!! Would that not be perfect in the dining room as well??I love it!


Well I may not be able to draw but I still can knit…Charley and I keep Mr. Walker company in the home office.

unnamed (2)-002

DSC_8047And finished a shawl, knitted from merino and yak. I love blocking, the smell of wet wool (almost as good as wet dog;0)) and than gently laying out the garment, carefully stretching it, weaving in the blocking wires and pinning it down. Now it has to dry…I always keep it safe and let it dry for two days. A good use of the spare bedroom now the ‘kids’ have left again (sigh…)


And the Oldest Young Mr. Walker requested stylish fingerless gloves…all ready on it! (After those vases…)

DSC_8052-001I will leave you with this photo: I met these lovely people in the park and they did not mind having their photo taken. The little brown dog was just adopted three days before and he kept giving his mom kisses, as if he still could not believe his luck. The world can be a good place…


Een gezellige week, ondanks een pijnlijke nek! De oudste Jonge Meneer Walker was hier voor een week met een gezellige vriendin. Ze waren allebei erg artistiek bezig terwijl ze bijkwamen van hard werken in hun banen. De prachtige tekeningen heb ik cadeau gekregen van de vriendin! En de vazen van de Jonge Meneer Walker, die heel goed weet wat zijn moeder mooi vind…Meneer Walker zei, dat hij ze ‘best leuk’ vond;0)  
Meneer Walker is ook artistiek bezig, op de computer met onze foto’s. Ik vind t heel erg mooi worden!! En gelukkig kan ik nog wel breien met die zere nek…
De aardige mensen met lieve hondjes, kwam ik tegen in t park. De hondjes komen uit een asiel en zijn wel heel gelukkig terecht gekomen. Ook een cadeautje…om zulke fijne mensen tegen te komen!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

This week…All Important Nothings!


How much fun that give away was! Although I was a bit sad for the ‘non-winners’, I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the winners and the nice emails that followed. For the non-winners: Laurie has a fun give-away on her blog!


The weather is hot, …even the eggs are sweating ;0) That is all I will whine say about it.


It just means indoor fun with new knitting projects. I am still knitting away left over yarn. This Fair Isle project is perfect for that.

I bought new yarn too. This glorious yarn is a mix of merino and yak. I had never seen that before. A little research learned me that Yaks provide excellent wool suitable for all kind of fabrics, used already for thousands of years by the people in the Himalayas. Louis Vuitton discovered the fine quality of it a couple of years ago and made it popular.
This name is so suitable, Tenzing Norgay was Sir Hillary’s sherpa and friend and they were the first to reach the top of the Everest. The yarn is delightful, soft and smooth and incredibly strong. And while I am knitting I think of Yaks,( and I love cattle of any kind) and mountain climbers..bliss indeed.

I read these two delightful books about the fabulous illustrators Dr. Seuss ( one of the wisest men ever) and Virginia Lee Burton.


Than on a summer midday this little fellow walked in our garden. It is a box turtle not often seen during the day and their numbers are sadly declining fast. I had never seen one before. I quickly took a photo because he was walking really fast. I think he was disturbed by landscapers next door and he was heading for the next garden. Not a good idea with dogs every were. I quickly grabbed the snow shovel and gently scoped him on it ( I respect the jaws of any turtle!) and brought him to the fenced of ‘wilderness’ in the back of our garden where he quickly dug him self safely away in the compost heap. I hope, he found a good new home there! That compost heap is their for the animals so he will be safe..I love that idea!


I also love oatmeal and to my delight I see oatmeal recipes popping up left, right and centre.
This bread is fun to bake and delicious! With this hot weather I am good with a salad, some cheese and cold cuts and this bread. I did use sweet potato instead of pumpkin since the pumpkin has not really started yet (snif)


And a few of my friends came over for a knitting circle and I baked a salmon quiche for lunch to share with them. This is my own recipe where I mix a small tin of salmon with three eggs, 1/4 cup of sour cream and 1/4 cup of shredded cheese,  add mustard, garlic,chives, thyme and oregano, pepper and salt. Use any kind of non-sweet pie crust you like and bake in the oven at 400F for 30 minutes and than 15 minutes more covered loosely with foil. This quiche is best served cold. My friends loved it.


And I will leave you all again with a funny story. I was at supermarket and the store-manager said:”Boo” in a funny way to try to startle one of the employees. That girl was cool as a cucumber but I, who was deep in thought and studying a label, almost jumped through the roof. That alarmed the store manager again and we ended up laughing our heads of and hugging each other and many customers laughed with us. To quote my dear friend Jane Austen: “…able to make a spectacle of herself where ever she goes.” Anyhue, when I left the store, she gave me this bunch of flowers as a ‘Thank You’..well no need for that but I loved the flowers nevertheless and it resulted in other hug.


Ondanks de wamte (de eieren zweten zelfs) toch een leuke week met nieuwe breiwerkjes, fraaie boeken, lekker bakken en delen met vrienden die gezellig langs komen, een schildpad die de tuin in kwam wandelen en een bos bloemen die ik kreeg van de manager van de supermarkt omdat ze me per ongeluk aan t schrikken maakte. Ach, dat hoefde natuurlijk helemaal niet want ik vond t wel grappig maar de bloemen zijn wel erg mooi.

Have a great weekend,

Love and Liefs Johanna.

Summer and Winter Drawings and Winners!!!


This Summer drawing I made with Judy and Clare in mind too. The poor girls were a little distraught when a few posts ago I showed my Holiday sketches;0) The idea of winter alone!!!
And I cannot bear the thought of causing misery to my kind hearted blog pals. So here is it:  Joyful Animals on a Summer’s Day. And if you like summer so much too, check out their beautiful websites and see summertime at its best.

Now girls look the other way…here is the progress on my Holiday drawings. These are ready for coloring. They do look a bit eerie without, don’t you think so?


xmas yes!2002-001

And Thank You all so much for showing interest in my knitwear raffle…indeed I had to do a raffle. In a way, that breaks my heart and I hope the non-winners are not too disappointed. I will do this again!



However, I am also very happy with Faith’s choices: Karen, Laurie and Sharon, please email me your address at colorpencil.2014@gmail.com

Have a lovely weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Thank You So Much!


alanavainmoon002So many people left kindhearted comments on the last post! Charley, Mr.Walker and I want to thank everybody so much for leaving such loving and kind and encouraging messages! It was heartwarming!!! Charley has healed quickly and without any trouble. The vet was just as happy as we are and declared Charley ready for any kind of action. All is calm, peaceful and tidy again at The Walker Home.

alana hosrse shipwreck2001

So back to work too. I finished the Moon and Sea drawing and these two drawings for the children’s book.

alana hosrse shipwreck2002Which of these two horse and boat scenes do you like best?

alana hosrse shipwrtake2002

I finished this ‘poster-like’ work. It is rather bigger than I normally choose. It doesn’t even fit on my scanner. It was more for practice but I am rather pleased with the result and wonder if it would look nice in the dining room, currently under renovation.


And I am leaving you with wishes for a lovely weekend, and with these rough sketches. Whilst outside it is rainy, hot and humid (bleuh), I thoroughly enjoy thinking about December and Holiday Season;0)



Zoveel lieve berichtjes zijn er achtergelaten op de vorige post, dat was hartverwarmend!  Charley is weer helemaal de oude en de dierenarts was net zo blij als wij en ze mag alles weer gewoon doen. De rust is weer gekeerd bij The Walkers! Dus maar weer es aan ‘t werk. Nu t weer zo vochtig en warm is (Blueh!) Dus wat winterse, kerstelijke ideeën, is wel erg prettig!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Drawing, in Progress and Finished





Working on a (children’s) book is a process that takes a long time. Never mind, because it is great to do so. I re-did the ‘kitchen scene’ drawing.


This the original. made from a sketch the writer liked so much. I was not happy with it. The bowl way to big, that huge ladle, etc. So I re-did it and luckily it was approved.

alanamarketplace 003

The market scene is finished.


And this Moon over the Sea will be the next one…

Love and Liefs, Johanna