Happy Times


It was a lovely week! The youngest Walker boy, college student in Toronto, came home for 10 days, for a well earned mollycoddling by his parents. It was a sweet reunion for Charley and her best friend. Pure Bliss!


I found a sweet vase whilst treasure hunting, filled it with crabapple branches, it has a nice fall feeling. Since fall is my favorite season, this vase make me very happy.


No fall outside yet, it is still very hot…oh well, that gives nice images too.


These gorgeous teacups were softly singing to me in the Anthropology store. This pattern will be discontinued and since these were the last three, they were half price. Of course, I took them home. Tea tastes some much better in a good cup.


Re-read this wonderful Victorian novel, borrowed this nice old copy from the oldest Walker boy.


The story seems even better, read from these yellowed pages.


Ploughing onwards with Calligraphy…the teacher said, there was ‘some improvement’…I suspect this is not my hidden talent but it is nice to learn the techniques anyway ;0)


I did discover more use of the translucent qualities of calligraphy paper…


Aaaaand the Youngest Walker boy agreed to watch the magnificent movie Dean Spanley with me. I have seen this movie so many times and each time I discover something new to the story. Young Mr. Walker agreed: this is a magnificent movie. Coming form a boy who is very, very much into Science Fiction…you understand: you have to watch this movie too.

Wat een heerlijke week, met onze jongste zoon thuis! T weer was heet maar de koopjes goed. Kalligraferen blijkt geen onvermoed talent van mij, maar t is leuk om de techniek te leren. En met t doorschijnende papier kan je meer leuke dingen doen;0) En we zagen de prachtige film Dean Spanley: een aanrader! Heb een prettig weekend!

Have a Great Weekend,



Blog Hop Around the World!

Many thanks to the lovely Karen for inviting me to hop along. Karen’s blog is a feast for the eye and have a look at her incredible garden. Her recipes are out of this world too and her Thai Fish Cakes are a staple at the Walker Residence!


And I take this opportunity too to thank all the lovely people who respond to my blog and leave kind, wise and encouraging words!

So now dear folks, I have to answer a few questions to tell you more about my blog and a little about myself…here we go!

1: What are you working on?


Mrs. Walker Goes Back to School refers to me having art classes. When we moved from Canada to the USA, I decided ( with a little pushing of Mr. Walker and the Walker Boys) to finally take up Art Classes and develop my skills as an artist..a wish dear to my heart already for a long time.

dragon at the lake2

So that is what I am working on, developing my skills. I have drawing lessons, classes on working with color pencils, calligraphy and art history. My art is illustrative. I want my work to tell a story, not necessarily my story. I love the idea of people looking at my work and creating stories in their head or at least evoking some pleasant emotions.

2: How does my work differs from others.

That is a difficult question. I feel in a way, I am only just beginning. By focussing so seriously now on my work and the developing of my work, it becomes a clearer picture in what way I am heading. I love bright colors and sharp lines: color pencils and fine liners are my favorite tools. It helps me create the images I have in head. I like to bring movement and stories in my work by creating an impossible situation or  giving my ‘portraits’ lots of emotions. I hope this makes a little sense?


I am always chuffed to bits when friends or family comment on new work with a ‘that is so in your style’ however to me ‘my style’ is still a work in progress.

3: Why do I create what I do?

Well…for two reasons.

DSC_3643  DSC_4121

Handcrafting is my yoga. I am a happy, down to earth person but not a calm and sedate one ;0) Sitting in Lotus position and chanting, would drive me nuts in 5 minutes..probably sooner. But endless rows of cross stitches, knitting loops, calligraphy strokes, calm my body and clear my busy head. The gentle movement of the crochet hook, the feel of the yarns, the gorgeous textures and colors..those are the things that bring my body, mind and spirit in balance.


And than, I have this passion for Domestic History, I feel connected with that history when I follow old patterns or create my own.

My Art is my glorious challenge in life. I am not only evolving/developing as an artist but also as a person. I am not a shy or nervous person but I always kept my art to myself. I have always enjoyed drawing but I am never satisfied with the result.That is hard to explain.


My blog pal Kerry said to me: ‘Art is Personal’ and the great Pit from Texas said: ‘It’s the sign of a true artist that he/she keeps striving for perfection and in his/her own opinion never achieves it.’

That sums it up, right?

How does my creative process work?

First I have to muster up courage, overcome my insecurity, summon up my motivation… because in the end who is waiting for what I am doing/creating? I have a mantra for that.

The marvelous Dutch illustrative artist Octavie says: ‘ Alles is al eens gemaakt…maar niet door mij!’ Loosely translated it means: ” Everything has been done before…but not by me!”

That little sentence makes me so happy and never fails to motivate me. Thank you so much, Octavie!!!


And I ‘feed’ myself with beautiful images made by great artists. I read a lot: books, blogs, magazines. I go to musea and exhibitions. I hike a lot and see the Glory of Mother Nature. I have a positive outlook on life and I always feed that too.

DSC_9003-001  DSC_2968

I feel encouraged with all the positive feedback I get from family, friends, and my fellow bloggers from all over the world. That is absolutely incredibly important.

And then…I simply feel a tingle in my fingers, an idea grows in my head, my paper in front of me, pencil in hand….


Well, there you have it. My contribution to the Blog Hop Around the World.

I am delighted to pass the baton to Sheryl from Flowery Prose. This multi talented writer, gardener, photographer, nature lover and much more, resides in Alberta,Canada. I love her stories on plants and gardening and we share a passion for hiking and Mother Nature. Her writings are clear and pleasant and Sheryl has a great sense of humor. Despite her incredibly busy schedule, she takes the time  communicating with her fellow bloggers with a sincere interest and that same sense of humor.


Thanks Sheryl, I am so pleased with this and I look forward to your Blog Hop Post on the 18th of August!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


How Was Your Weekend?



How was your weekend? Here at the Walker House all was peaceful and quiet.


It rained a lot, quite cozy. So we slept in a little and some of us more..


So no eating at the patio but breakfast was very good.


And this egg cup makes me very happy.


I had my fist Calligraphy Lesson and believe it or not…this sheet is the result of two and half hours of hard work. I know now about pen angle, height an direction, nibs and marker paper and  a whole lot more. I loved it and look forward to the next one.


Lots of reading.


Some crocheting.


Got rather excited about this pumpkin growing in my ‘urban veggie patch’!


And I baked a cake ( you might have spotted it already on the breakfast table) This is a gluten free cake, very good but GF cakes never look so pretty. The cake stand makes up for that;0) For gorgeous cakes look at these beautiful blogs by Kerry and Karen.

So what did you do?

Ha, we hadden heerlijk weekend met regen, lekker ontbijt en cake, lezen, haken en mijn eerste kalligrafie les. Wat heb jij zoal gedaan?

Love and Liefs, Johanna.