Oh Snap and No Drawings to Show For Either!!!


Some memories stay engraved in your mind with date and all: two weeks ago, Friday morning I made the bed and whilst bending over I felt a sharp pain in my back which I had not felt for long time. Snap!!! I could hardly walk, not sit up straight, not lay down. Ouch Ouch ouch…

The next few days I spent dozing of on muscle relaxers, soaking in the hot tub, scurrying through the house in the most inelegant way. Mr. Walker felt so sorry for me whilst I wailed and moaned  I complained just a little because in the greater scheme of things life was still good right?

Of course it was, Monday morning I called a chiropractor and he turned out to be a man of action who does not waste time! An hour later he was doing his witchcraft with high tec machinery and skillfully pulling and twisting my arms, legs and spine, which I bravely tried not find scary at all ( in vain)

So for the past two weeks, I could not sit up right, so no drawing to show for what so ever. I did read plenty of books.

And I did have fun crocheting these pebbles..and they fit so nicely with my green and blue light. Do not watch too closely, crocheting is not really my thing. Raveled it here

I admired greatly a quiche I baked (yes, that is rather pathetic indeed)

Knitted one sleeve at my from the top down cardigan.

There was snow and cold, as you can see in the first photos. I had cut a few branches earlier and put them in a vase. If you wait long enough, they will flower and you have a little Spring at home.

I laughed out loud when the Oldest Walker Boy send this photo all the way from Toronto.We debated wether this was left by a contemptuous dog or was Mr. Snowman trembling in his little snow boots about the upcoming winter storm?

We have nice Spring weather now…and I am knitting an Easter Hare in happy anticipation. You can already see it’s pretty behind ;o)

And this is what Charley is suggesting every time, I lay on the floor, doing my re-hab exercises. That is twice a day…

Love and Liefs, Johanna

This Week…About Books and Knitting

Summer has arrived with a full blast of hot weather here in Cincinnati. Charley and I have an early morning walk, quickly pull of some weeds afterwards in the garden and than the rest of the day is spend in the indoor air conditioned haven at home. Indeed…this is not my favorite weather. So I turn to books and knitting for comfort.


I thoroughly enjoy this book about the history of knitting. I love domestic history. I find it intriguing and inspiring to see how people coped and the beautiful things they made with limited tools (compared to modern times) and why it was made. I thought, I already knew quite a lot about the history of knitting but I was delighted to find more details and folk tales I never heard of.

I finished these gorgeous socks. Loved the pattern which I found in this beautiful book.
Definitely will knit more of these!


I made two dolls too: the yellow one was requested by the Oldest Young Mr. Walker to give to a colleague who expects her first baby (ahw) and the pink one goes to a sweet little girl in Texas.


These funky boot liners are for a funky teenager in Texas.


And when my hands get too sweaty for knitting, I go back to reading. The House of Seven Cables is a wonderful example of Victorian Gothic writing. And I have a little crush on Henri David Thoreau at the moment..well who wouldn’t after reading his poetic writings about nature: ” The earth I tread on is not a dead, inert mass. It is a body, has a spirit, is organic, and fluid to the influence of its spirit, and to whatever particle of that spirit is in me.” ( from: ‘Wood-Notes Wild) Sigh…


So back to knitting. And crochet. I started a little cardigan in crochet with this beautiful soft merino and silk blend. Now I am very tall so I have to adjust most patterns. When I was almost finished, I discovered I made a big mistake, I needed to do it all over again and I needed more yarn. Alas not available anymore. You can imagine my sour faced grumbling. However…cliche, cliche…every cloud has its silver lining. I found this wonderful pattern on one of my favorite knitting blogs and the yarn is perfect for it. What a joy this knitting is!!!


I have my Ninja Needles in full swing, because I dream of wearing this beautiful shawl when traveling with our friends by the end of the summer….can you guess where? These friends are from The Netherlands and I just send this magazine…


And indeed knitting is everywhere!! Mr. Walker and I went to Circe de Soleil in Columbus, Ohio last Saturday. In the gift shop I saw this intriguing artful knitwear. How beautiful and skillful!
And I have not enough words to describe the show: Magical, Breathtaking, Oh the Costumes, Scary Beyond Believe, Endearing…I better leave you with a little clip.

Volop zomer in Cincinnati met erg heet weer! Dus lekker in huis met airco, boeken en breien.
Meneer Walker en ik zijn ook naar Circe de Soleil geweest, zelfs daar wordt gebreid. Bijzonder fraai en kunstzinnig. Ik raad je aan naar t clipje te kijken want ik heb niet genoeg woorden om t beschrijven hoe FANTASTISCH  het was!
Have a Great Weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Happy Times…


Happy Times at the  Walker Residence indeed with the oldest Walker Boy home for serious mollycoddling after working for than 9 months at an average of 12 hours a day (yesyes, proud mom speaking;0))


That calls for the favorite apple pie, Cream Schnitz!


With Eggnog of course…


The oldest Walker Boy loves reading and book stores just as much….I am going with vintage murder mystery for my Christmas reading this year. Found these two bookish websites, very inspiring! http://kaggsysbookishramblings.wordpress.com and http://reading19001950.wordpress.com


And we found some excellent Isaac Asimov books for the Youngest Walker Boy


Young Mr. Walker got very excited when he found this copy of ‘Fantasy Wargaming’ by Bruce Galloway. ‘Provides an entertaining source book for aficionados of the fantasy role-playing war game of “Dungeons and Dragons” ‘ according to Google Books.  Should I worry about that other title…???


The weather is mostly grey but the birds make the view outside lively and lovely.


I am still working on my fiddly crochet project and reward myself with easypeasy yoga knitting…


Finished my beanie hat. I am awful with selfies but Charley said ‘Me, me, me..I will model, pleasepleaseplease…” I said, : ‘OK but you have to convince your friend Kerry that you are really such a vain dog.’


‘Ha, no Problem’, Charley said. So first ‘En profile’ and here with an ultra feminine Peggy Lee imitation.


And then she got so sleepy and the sun ( shining for a whole hour!) was nice and warm…

Ha, een gezellige boel in t Walker Huis met de hardwerkende oudste Walker Boy thuis voor vakantie en verwennerijen! Grijs weer maar lollige vogeltjes, appeltaart en eggnog en ook nog een nieuw gebreide muts met een ijdele hond die wel model wilde zijn…

Love and Liefs,


Peace and Tea

cuppa tea002

“A cup of tea would restore my normality.”

‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams


Yup, a devoted tea drinker, every day, all day. I brew a big pot in the morning..pour it in the thermos and keep on sipping all day. I had a nasty flu..so even more tea was needed!

“The twitch above my right eye will disappear with knitting practice.”

At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much’  by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee


I had a delightful deal on the variegated yarn…got two of those balls. This will be a new hat but there is enough too for socks and what nots. Good medicine too.


Well and a wintery sunset, viewed from my kitchen window. Even better medicine..Achoo!


Nurse Charley…Zuster Charley…

Een akelig griepje velde me maar ik vond troost in thee, breien en haken en een prachtige winterse zonsondergang…hatsjie!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

About Love, Light and Winterknitting

After living in Canada for more than seven years and with our sons in Toronto, of course, the horrible news from Canada was close to home! We know Ottawa so well, a lovely and beautiful city. And, a little to my surprise, I found it hard to make post about my ‘Important Nothings’. But the beautiful posts by Kerry and Gallivanta, made me decide to just keep on going and add a little weight to Balance in the Scale of Light and Beauty and Goodness.
My blog is not about political statements and world issues. This is my way of contributing to ‘The Big Picture!’, just to the simple and good and loving side. ” There is a lot of love”, Anne, who lives in Ottawa, told me. And I want to feed that!
So here it is: Simple Things in Life!
More beautiful flowers.
My crochet is just coming along nicely and after the slippers, I am knitting more leftover yarn away in a pair of gloves.
That made me think of a stamp I made years ago at a workshop and I used it to make it into a drawing on this Japanese paper I still had…it looks like little snowflakes all around it.
My favorite food: a perfect boiled egg and that egg cup makes me so happy.
Charley…giving all her love!
I wish you all Love and Light,

Just Sit and Knit and a Little Giveaway

auttumnal umbrella004

Ha,the weather stays cool, and breezy. So more Autumnal inspired artwork.


After after the flurry of activities lately, this week I could just sit and knit. Oh, well indeed, crochet. Moved on from Granny Squares to my first garment. A nice challenge and love the yarn, a soft merino. My favorite yarn!


So with the more complicated crochet, it is lovely to do some peaceful, easy knitting. I am very fond of this pattern for slippers. (it is a nice website too!) I am using up quite a lot of my leftover yarn. There is lots of talk here in Ohio about the upcoming and supposedly very severe winter. My feet will stay nice and warm ;0)


In my first attempt of the pattern, I knitted these…just too small for my feet. I do not like to unravel… I thought I might as well make someone happy amongst the good people who visit my blog and leave such kind words. So just leave a comment why you think your feet will be cold this winter, where ever you are in the world. The size is about US 6, Eur. 37, UK 4 and Aus. 5.5 and the yarn is made of recycled fabrics…of course as usual, I lost the label, my apologies for that.

The winner to be announced next week.

Heerlijk rustig aan t haken en breien geweest deze week. De grijze slofjes zijn me net te klein maar ik verloot ze graag onder mijn gezellige bezoekers. Laat maar weten waarom je bang bent voor de koude voeten en dan verloot ik ze volgende week.

Love and Liefs,



Dog Days of Summer and Garden Crimes


It is hot, very, syrupy hot. I try not sigh and let my thoughts drift to the delicious days when fall will set in, the cold, the sweaters, the food….My ‘neighbor’ Benjamin said it all too well and I laughed out loud.


Charley loves it…I think she was a Sphinx in her previous life and worshipped the sun.


All my pumpkins, safe two were the victim of mildew, a big problem here so I discovered to my chagrin. Since I do not like to bother with any kind of fungicide or pesticide…I removed them from the garden. Now the last but one has been viciously ripped from the vine during the night and half eaten…by whom???


And I knew the squirrels were pretending, they were the owners of my strawberries but what creature makes a slimy mess here???


Thank goodness, the last pumpkin is hiding between the Swiss chard and secretly growing away.


And I saw the first Chinese Lanterns peeping from the underneath the leaves. Be still my heart!




So what else to do in this heat but retreat to the shade and AC heaven and read a book. Last time, I told you all how mesmerized I was with the movie Dean Spanley. I requested the book the movie was based on from the wonderful Cincinnati Library and again I was not disappointed. They send me this gorgeous copy from 1936! What a delightful book to read and forget about this weather!


And the Walker Boys requested a small but stylish Christmas Display for their new apartment in Toronto, soon to be moved in to. I found the idea and pattern on this wonderful website. I love the ‘steampunk’ ornaments I found and the whole ‘package’ will fit perfectly in the young Misters Walker Gentlemen’s Apartment. Another excellent project to forget this weather.


Aan t einde van de zomer, slaat de hitte hier weer toe. Ik probeer erg hard niet te zuchten en te denken aan de gezellige,koele dagen die herfst gaat brengen. In de tuin zijn verschillende boeven bezig mijn pompoenen en aardbeien op te eten. Ik lees maar eens een heel goed boek en maak een fraai kerstgebeuren in de airco oase. T kerstgebeuren is voor t appartement van de Walker Jongens. Het idee en patroon kan je hier vinden.

Love and Liefs,