Treasure Hunting


Learning new skills seems to be the theme in 2015. Of a more lighthearted nature but by no means easy, is learning to play the ancient and noble game of Mah Jong. I really enjoy it, even more so because the group that is teaching me/I am playing with are not of a competitive nature. Talks and Teas are equally important..such bliss!

And the game it self is so beautiful, the tiles little works of art. And then one the ladies announced, she had a vintage set made of bakelite for sale. I was of in a thundering gallop.
I love bakelite..the colors, the soft glow, the touch. I am so happy!


And than I realized, I have not shown you any of the treasures I found over the last few months. I enjoyed your listening ear so much the last time!! Forgive me for neglecting you in this way and let me correct this fault right away;0)


Such a lovely feminine breakfast set. Too flowery for the Walker Men but since I often breakfast by makes me very happy.


And oh, I am such a sucker for star and snowflakes patterns. So this little plate makes me also very happy.


The illustration on this pretty little container is by Marjolein Bastin. She is Dutch and used to come to a flower shop owned by one of my sisters…that makes she and I cousins, right?


There are four more of these lovely liqueur delightful to find a whole set ( paid $4.- for them, sigh) That pitcher might not be keeper: too big for syrup and too small for iced teas. But I fell for the hip uranium orange;0)


This pitcher is much better and I already had the glasses.  A perfect $2.- spend , I’d say!


And the best for last: these two Harrison Begay prints looked so sad and forlorn in a thrift store. I almost felt guilty when I paid the four dollars for it. Now they hang in full glory in my studio and are greeted and enjoyed every day!

Be still my heart…Garage Sale Season is only around the corner! Tally Ho!


Even wat opscheppen over de gezellige aankoopjes in kringloop en antiekwinkeltjes van de afgelopen maanden. En ik krijg les in t eeuwenoude en tamelijk ingewikkelde Mah Jong spel en deze prachtige vintage Bakelieten set, heb ik gekocht van een medespeelster. Ik hou erg van Bakeliet;0)

Love and Liefs, Johanna

This Week….Dioramas and Sketches!


Well the last Christmas decoration I unpacked were the Christmas dioramas I made last year.


It was nice, bright sunny weather, so I had to play and make photos first.


If you want to make them too, on my previous blog you can find the tips and tricks here.


After that, I had to be firm with myself and get out my sketchpad and go to work.


Once I started …all was well in the world again of course;0)


And thank you Valerie and Boomdee for great photos as inspiration!


Als laatste klus voor de Kerstversieringen de kerstdiorama’s van vorig jaar uitgepakt. De zon scheen er zo mooi doorheen, ik moest er even mee spelen en kiekjes schieten;0)

Maar daarna was de pret over..studie en tekenen. Ook erg fijn weer hoor!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Mrs Walker luuuurves Christmas!


Haven’t done much studying or drawing, I admit. I was too busy putting up the tree and decking the halls. I love Christmas, I really do.  I love the soft twinkling of the lights, the ornaments in the trees, the excitement of planning the dinners and lunches, the fuzzy warm feeling when receiving an invitation to one.


And above all, I love what Christmas represents. For me that is, love, gratefulness and new beginnings. I can not help it, that is how I feel, always done so;0)


I happily sing a long with my vintage fifties Christmas songs, exclaim oh and ah when the lights are plugged in again for the first time and secretly smile with anticipation when I wrap the presents.


Mr.Walker is true man from the Northern parts of the Netherlands…that means a man of not too many words, solid as a rock and true to his word…but also a man of not too many frills. So when his wife starts unpacking the boxes with shiny and glimmering stuff, he secretly sighs.


When he hears the fifties tunes again..he shudders a little. When I start singing along in the stores, he will give a stern look and a raised eye brow…I will bow my head and keep silent ;0) He is the centre of my universe and I respect where he draws the line in all this Christmas yodeling.


However, since he knows how much I love Christmas and above all whole heartedly agrees with what it represents…he has bought for me a Christmas ornament each Christmas time for as long as we have been together and that is more than twenty five years. These little doves were the first…by then I already knew he was The One.


Meneer Walker is een Noordeling, tja en dan is al de glitter en franjes rondom Kerst wel iets om even heimelijk van te zuchten. Maar Meneer Walker is t ook met me eens dat Kerst vooral gaat om liefde, dankbaarheid en weer een nieuw begin. En omdat Meneer Walker een fantastische vent is, die weet dat zijn vrouw heel erg van Kerst houdt, koopt hij elk jaar voor haar een kerstversiering. En dat doet hij al meer dan vijfentwintig jaar!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


About that Paisley Fabric


A few of you good people commented on the fabric shown in the last post .

It is a footstool I re-upholstered this summer. I wondered to do a post about it, but then I thought the better of it. Might as well show you after all;0)


I had this little footstool but I thought the fabric a bit gloomy and it started to fray around the edges.


And I found this skirt at a thrift store for 2 dollars. Sally, my dress doll shows it here. She wears also a gorgeous tartan dress that needs a little altering and we know it looks horrible together. But the skirt is not my style anyways and I bought it for the fabric, chitter chatter, yadi yadi yada, bla bla, to make a long story short….


I cut the fabric, got out the staple gun, did some neat folding and firm staple gunning ( Is that a verb? It should be…) And…Tadaaa!

Een paar lieve lezers vroegen naar de stof die op de laatste post te zien was. Het is van een oude rok die ik heb gebruikt om een somber voetenbankje op te vrolijken.

Love and Liefs, Johanna

About Love, Light and Winterknitting

After living in Canada for more than seven years and with our sons in Toronto, of course, the horrible news from Canada was close to home! We know Ottawa so well, a lovely and beautiful city. And, a little to my surprise, I found it hard to make post about my ‘Important Nothings’. But the beautiful posts by Kerry and Gallivanta, made me decide to just keep on going and add a little weight to Balance in the Scale of Light and Beauty and Goodness.
My blog is not about political statements and world issues. This is my way of contributing to ‘The Big Picture!’, just to the simple and good and loving side. ” There is a lot of love”, Anne, who lives in Ottawa, told me. And I want to feed that!
So here it is: Simple Things in Life!
More beautiful flowers.
My crochet is just coming along nicely and after the slippers, I am knitting more leftover yarn away in a pair of gloves.
That made me think of a stamp I made years ago at a workshop and I used it to make it into a drawing on this Japanese paper I still had…it looks like little snowflakes all around it.
My favorite food: a perfect boiled egg and that egg cup makes me so happy.
Charley…giving all her love!
I wish you all Love and Light,

A Gentlemen’s Apartment, Part Three…The Regal Cat!


And of course…every Gentlemen’s Apartment needs a Cat With Attitude. And what a fine example the Regal Leo is. A very well mannered Aristocat who greets everyone who enters the door with polite authority and receives exclamations about his magnificent appearance with dignified modesty. ( yeah, as if…that vain cat does not fool me!)


Can you believe it that about six years ago this lovely fellow was found on the road, hit by a car more dead than alive. Our vet was taken by his beauty and performed extensive surgery to save his life. (Later we adopted him.) Today he still limbs, has only one shoulder blade and a bit of a funny expression caused by a broken jaw, healed a bit crooked.


This does not bother him at all, he is good natured and full of humor. Always on the lookout for a warm lap and cuddles. He is quite vocal and appreciates a good conversation, especially about food and himself.He loves all people, except women with high pitch voices. Reminds him of a cruel owner in the past or does he think it is just bad taste?


Charley Dog and Leo hated each other with a passion, so Leo happily packed his suitcase when the Oldest Walker Boy went to university and moved with him from pillar to post in the past few years. And never minding that one bit, claiming every new dwelling immediately as his new Kingdom.


However, he approves very much of this Gentlemen’s Apartment and the arrival of the Youngest Walker Boy, who waits on him hand and foot.

Tja, en in een Herenappartement hoort natuurlijk een deftige kat. De koninklijke Leo voldoet aan t plaatje en t is ook nog eens een gezellige prater en knuffel.

Love and Liefs,


A Gentlemen’s Apartment, Part Two: the Details.

DSC_4620  DSC_4618

Well, after my thrilled, happy yodeling yesterday, you guessed right:I really like the new dwelling of the Young Misters Walker.

DSC_4642  DSC_4632

Here some details, that make me very happy. These candles are made out of wax but work on batteries…so clever!


And how about this original Underwood typewriter from about 1927, next to a very modern printer?


And smart 1960 traveling case for a whiskey decanter with some Star Wars collecties.


And the Lads sure like their espressos


This Fox protected the Youngest Mr. Walker from drafts in his former apartment. Read all about it on my previous blog, if you are interested that is ;0)


Oh look, real Johanna’s on the wall..the college funding is secured ;0)

DSC_4706  DSC_4617

That pumpkin pie was Thanksgiving dinner’s dessert and soo good!


This chair is a design by Karim Rashid for Umbra. Not very expensive to buy new but I paid only 3 dollars for it in a thrift store some years ago. And it is remarkably comfortable. Leo the Cat agrees and more about him tomorrow!


Och hemel, t is wel duidelijk na mijn vrolijk gejodel van gisteren dat ik erg blij met t nieuwe appartement van de Walker Boys. Hier nog wat meer kiekjes..en meer over de kat morgen!

Love and Liefs,


A Gentlemen’s Apartment, Part One and a Winner!


Last weekend, it was Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada. Mr. Walker took some extra days off, we packed our suitcases and went to Toronto where both our Walker Boys live. A few weeks ago, we helped them move to their beautiful two bedroom apartment. And now they had invited us for Thanksgiving! Uhm, before we go further: my wide angle lens is absolute rubbish, but we all are going to pretend the following photos are perfect and ready to star on ;0)


I still cannot believe, we found this gorgeous apartment so close to downtown. Shops around the corner with bus stops and subway stations. From the balcony a view to stately gardens and a little park: shade in the summer, sunshine in the winter and a feel of nature all year round…I sound like a real estate agent here!


After moving from one to the next ‘student-settlement’ for a few years, Young Mr Walker and the even Younger Mr. Walker decided to look for a decent place to live together ( they get along very well) and after a long, very long search found this lovely, lovely place. ( can you tell, I really like it?)


Aaaaand, Mr. Walker and I do not have to stay in hotels anymore when visiting our offspring. There is room enough for us for a couple of days and we can relax, cook and share meals and have quality family time.


I think, these Young Urban Gentlemen did a very good job in decorating this place.


More tomorrow.

So now about my Giveaway: it turned out that Anne from Ottawa, Judith from London and the lovely Milk Maid from Christchurch had the right size. Oh, agony, who to choose??? I know you are all good sports, so here my decision:  since Judith already owns an example of my knitting, and in New Zealand Spring is well on its way…it seemed so fair to protect Anne’s feet from the harsh cold winter in Canada…which I know from experience, is very cold indeed!


So Anne, my dear, email me your address at and you will have them before the snow flies!


We hadden een geweldig lang weekend in Toronto, op uitnodiging van the Walker Boys, die sinds kort in dit prachtige appartement wonen. Mijn groothoeklens is tamelijk waardeloos maar je kan toch zien dat het een bijzonder leuk en erg fraai ingericht Herenappartement is!

De slofjes zijn overigens gewonnen door Anne in Ottowa, die in Canada de grootste kans op erg koude voeten heeft!

Love and Liefs,


Happy Times

auttumnal window004The weather is finally cooling down. Even had a few walks in a sweater..such bliss!


I love the softer light and the cooler temperatures energize me.


I feel sorry for the people who find Fall depressing. To me, it is harvest time, Mother Earth has been working hard and providing well. Time for her to take a rest and dream sweet dreams.  ( oh my, I am getting all poetic here!)


It is time for cozy evenings,


knitting without sticky hands,


and pies.


Baked a ton of little dessert cakes for the Yearly Neighborhood Picnic…what a splendid party that was!


And enjoyed making Autumnal Arrangement in my flower vases.  What a beautiful word: Autumnal…


De herfst komt dichterbij en ik geniet van t koelere weer, de prachtige kleuren en t zachte licht.

Love and Liefs Johanna.

Dog Days of Summer and Garden Crimes


It is hot, very, syrupy hot. I try not sigh and let my thoughts drift to the delicious days when fall will set in, the cold, the sweaters, the food….My ‘neighbor’ Benjamin said it all too well and I laughed out loud.


Charley loves it…I think she was a Sphinx in her previous life and worshipped the sun.


All my pumpkins, safe two were the victim of mildew, a big problem here so I discovered to my chagrin. Since I do not like to bother with any kind of fungicide or pesticide…I removed them from the garden. Now the last but one has been viciously ripped from the vine during the night and half eaten…by whom???


And I knew the squirrels were pretending, they were the owners of my strawberries but what creature makes a slimy mess here???


Thank goodness, the last pumpkin is hiding between the Swiss chard and secretly growing away.


And I saw the first Chinese Lanterns peeping from the underneath the leaves. Be still my heart!




So what else to do in this heat but retreat to the shade and AC heaven and read a book. Last time, I told you all how mesmerized I was with the movie Dean Spanley. I requested the book the movie was based on from the wonderful Cincinnati Library and again I was not disappointed. They send me this gorgeous copy from 1936! What a delightful book to read and forget about this weather!


And the Walker Boys requested a small but stylish Christmas Display for their new apartment in Toronto, soon to be moved in to. I found the idea and pattern on this wonderful website. I love the ‘steampunk’ ornaments I found and the whole ‘package’ will fit perfectly in the young Misters Walker Gentlemen’s Apartment. Another excellent project to forget this weather.


Aan t einde van de zomer, slaat de hitte hier weer toe. Ik probeer erg hard niet te zuchten en te denken aan de gezellige,koele dagen die herfst gaat brengen. In de tuin zijn verschillende boeven bezig mijn pompoenen en aardbeien op te eten. Ik lees maar eens een heel goed boek en maak een fraai kerstgebeuren in de airco oase. T kerstgebeuren is voor t appartement van de Walker Jongens. Het idee en patroon kan je hier vinden.

Love and Liefs,