Sketch Journal Project: Winter Nights and Black Paper


It’s going to snow again and the temperatures dropped already. Last night I slipped on the deck, covered in unexpected ice…I really felt like making winter drawings.

However I also felt like using black paper again. I experimented with it before but sort of forgot about it. But lately I have seen Kerfe and Nina from Method to Madness experimenting a lot with black paper and they inspired me.


So I combined both : winter drawing on black paper. After some sketches, the scarf and bird at the top appeared. I am happy with that one.


Na wat lenteachtige maar ook regenachtige weken, komt de winter weer terug. Lekker sneeuw! T wordt al kouder en gisteravond glibberde ik over t terras met onverwachte ijzel. Tja dan krijg je wel zin aan winter tekeningen. Dit keer op zwart papier! Een leuk experiment.

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Sketch Journal Project: Sketches and Finished Work and Chickens


I know…times flies! We are already past halfway January. Its about time I show my sketch journal. The weather is pretty bland and grey, but you won’t hear me complain because Charley and I are happily walking and enjoying the cold. But Nature wise, there is not much going on that inspires me to draw.
Above the finished proposal for the book cover.

And these sketches of rather voluptuous women are studies for an exciting project: creating a perfect pattern for a plus size friend. I have a passion for clothes and I love for people to have their own style and feel comfortable in the body they have or look after their body and looks, even if they are less satisfied. I am not talking about being vain and arrogant, I am talking about genuinely having self respect and believing in your own beauty despite the fact you do not look like Chanel ‘s Cover Girl. I am very passionate about this!!

When we visited an fashion art show together, my lovely friend sighed that she had such a hard time finding affordable, comfortable , well fitting clothes for a reasonable price. Now I can relate to that: I am a royal 6 ft+ and I am always hunting down the second hand stores and sales. Now I have a feel for what makes garments well fitted and i can draw. My friend is a fabulous seamstress…so together we hope to make it work. It will take some time, I guess ;o)

And than I felt like drawing chickens. I saw a few funny ones in a garden show and on homesteaders blogs…well I do not see any reason not to draw a few funny chickens, right?

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Sketch Journal Project: Festive Mood , An Amazing Present and a Wonderful Book!


Yes, yes, yes, finally the festive mood for my Favorite Time of the Year is coming!!
Thinking about a nice Christmas drawing..or maybe a collage this year?

And oh my goodness, look what Kerry send me. Months ago she had seen this moon and hare in my sketch journal and she contacted me by email. She wanted to use it for an embroidery work. Kerry is a textile artist as ever there is one and her blog is fantastic. The little sketch did not work and I was all to happy to help my dear blog friend with a better drawing. And now…look what she just simply send to me!! Such kindness. And how I admire those lovely tiny stitches.  I just got it today and I am looking at all the time, now I have to find the right spot to hang and do it honor.

And I would like to bring another blog friend to your attention, before I return to my untrimmed tree and bare halls. Laurie from Notes from the Hinterland, has published her first book! I ordered it right away. It came Saturday with a nice Christmas card and I have already finished it. It is such an excited book for teens and grown ups alike!
And look what she wrote in it….my ears started flapping with joy right away!!

Hè hè ..eindelijk in kerstelijke stemming! Eens wat ideeën geschetst voor Kerst tekening. Het is uiteindelijk de favoriete tijd van t jaar voor mij!
En blog vriendin Kerry stuurde me zomaar dit prachtige borduurwerkje dat ze maakte naar een van mijn tekeningen. En blog vriendin Laurie heeft haar eerste boek gepubliceerd en in de mijne schreef ze ook nog eens een aardige opdracht.

Terug naar de kale boom en volle dozen met versierselen!!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Sketch Journal Project: More Sketches and a Knitting Retreat!!


sjpfall-2016001I have only a few sketches to show for. Fall is definitely a theme here. In my sketchbook and for a personal project.


img_0068These little pigs are for a commission. This first sketch is approved and now I have to think about filling in the background.

However..I had no time to work on it, since a few fabulous friends and I traveled to Virginia for a knitting retreat!! We were taught in the fine art of Norwegian knitting at Knitxperience by Beth Brown-Reinsel. What a fantastic teacher she was!!! I learned so much, met wonderful people and walked in beautiful scenery. Sigh…my head is still in Virginia with those lovely knitting friends.

Ik heb allen maar een paar “start” schetsjes. Wat lekker herfst gekrabbel en een eerste schets voor opdracht met t thema varkentjes! Deze schets is goed gekeurd en nu de achtergrond verzinnen.  
Maar ik had t even te druk met een gezellige brei vakantie in Virginia. Zo veel geleerd en zulke leuke mensen ontmoet…zucht, ik geloof dat mijn hoofd nog steeds in Virginia is!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Sketch Journal Project: Home and When Traveling and a Sweet Story!


Ha, despite all my traveling, I did not forget my personal challenge to use my sketchbook on a weekly bases. I packed my crayons and a travel sketchbook and let myself be inspired by the Rocky Mountains.
On coming home I decided to redo the bear…the first one was too fuzzy!

The sketch of the little girl has a sweet story. Whilst having our picnic lunch, Mr. Walker and I were happily observing a school class on a day trip at the lake at the foot of St. Mary’s Glacier. Myohmy, their teacher was telling such interesting stories and those kids were so attentive and interested. After that, they had some explore time before they were heading home. This one girl caught our attention when she said to her friend: ” I need to find a good spot for day dreaming, this is an excellent place for it!” Her friend looked confused and asked what she meant. In a matter-of-fact kind of way she patiently explained: ” Daydreaming is thinking about the things you love!” . She climbed on a rock and sat still…her friend looked in awe, she climbed on a rock too and started eating her lunch, in total silence.
Mr. Walker and I smiled, and concluded that this confident daydreaming girl is a promise for the future!!!

Love and Liefs, Johanna



I have started my New Year’s resolutions ahead of time. I am going to work more with a sketchbook! I have never used it much and was always criticized by teachers for it (rightfully so..) I usually have the habit of creating the artwork from the first sketch.

Many of my friends in the blogosphere share their sketchbook and I studied them all carefully over the last year. So instead of using my scrap paper, I have bought a real sketchbook with nice firm paper suitable for different medium.

DSC_9831Here the first results. A study of faces looking up and ‘playing’ with an idea for a Christmas drawing. I enjoyed it very much.

I think it made me think more carefully about the composition in this one.

And talking about art and being educated. I really enjoyed these books lately. “Facial Expressions” was a good tip by Jill. You see, how much I learn from my fellow bloggers?

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Sheep and Sketches

sheep and star001

Well…like I said, back to the order of the day. Finally picked up my pencils and paper again. About time! Quite pleased with this one. I used pastel pencils this time, next to fine liner and a silver marker. I like to do more with pastels.

sheep sketch1001

I told Jill the other day, that I am not much of a sketcher and that I envy artists like her for having a good sketch book. I do love looking at other people’s sketchbooks ;0)

sheep sketch2002

But sometimes, I am sketching too. Just to get more of an idea of the drawing that I would like to do. ‘Playing with the subject’.

sheep sketch3003

I really had a lot of fun!

Nou maar eens de potloden en papier afgestoft en aan t schetsen gegaan. T werd ook wel tijd! Ik wilde graag eens schapen tekenen. T eind resultaat vind ik best goed gelukt. Ik heb dit keer pastel potloden gebruikt naast fijnlijners en een zilver stift. Het pastel is me goed bevallen, daar ga ik meer mee doen.

Love en Liefs, Johanna

Summer and Winter Drawings and Winners!!!


This Summer drawing I made with Judy and Clare in mind too. The poor girls were a little distraught when a few posts ago I showed my Holiday sketches;0) The idea of winter alone!!!
And I cannot bear the thought of causing misery to my kind hearted blog pals. So here is it:  Joyful Animals on a Summer’s Day. And if you like summer so much too, check out their beautiful websites and see summertime at its best.

Now girls look the other way…here is the progress on my Holiday drawings. These are ready for coloring. They do look a bit eerie without, don’t you think so?


xmas yes!2002-001

And Thank You all so much for showing interest in my knitwear raffle…indeed I had to do a raffle. In a way, that breaks my heart and I hope the non-winners are not too disappointed. I will do this again!



However, I am also very happy with Faith’s choices: Karen, Laurie and Sharon, please email me your address at

Have a lovely weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Thank You So Much!


alanavainmoon002So many people left kindhearted comments on the last post! Charley, Mr.Walker and I want to thank everybody so much for leaving such loving and kind and encouraging messages! It was heartwarming!!! Charley has healed quickly and without any trouble. The vet was just as happy as we are and declared Charley ready for any kind of action. All is calm, peaceful and tidy again at The Walker Home.

alana hosrse shipwreck2001

So back to work too. I finished the Moon and Sea drawing and these two drawings for the children’s book.

alana hosrse shipwreck2002Which of these two horse and boat scenes do you like best?

alana hosrse shipwrtake2002

I finished this ‘poster-like’ work. It is rather bigger than I normally choose. It doesn’t even fit on my scanner. It was more for practice but I am rather pleased with the result and wonder if it would look nice in the dining room, currently under renovation.


And I am leaving you with wishes for a lovely weekend, and with these rough sketches. Whilst outside it is rainy, hot and humid (bleuh), I thoroughly enjoy thinking about December and Holiday Season;0)



Zoveel lieve berichtjes zijn er achtergelaten op de vorige post, dat was hartverwarmend!  Charley is weer helemaal de oude en de dierenarts was net zo blij als wij en ze mag alles weer gewoon doen. De rust is weer gekeerd bij The Walkers! Dus maar weer es aan ‘t werk. Nu t weer zo vochtig en warm is (Blueh!) Dus wat winterse, kerstelijke ideeën, is wel erg prettig!

Love and Liefs, Johanna