A Week in Toronto


I see many people making the most gorgeous photos with their smartphones…I am not one of them! This photo of Toronto, Canada was not taken with the smartphone, the others in this post are and I sincerely apologize for them;0)
So, Mr. Walker had to travel to Sweden for business and he discovered that it was easier to travel from Toronto instead of Cincinnati. “Why don’t I drop you of there with our boys and pick you up on my return?” The Walker Boys met the plan with happy yodeling and sending their wishes for the menu.
I love my sons and I love their apartment, so everybody happy!

IMG_0718 (1)

Of course, both the Walker Boys had to work so I spent happy quiet hours with reading and knitting.

Left them with a freezer full of lunches and did some baking,which caused more happy yodeling from the Young Misters Walker.

Put up with the most spoiled cat of Toronto.

Met these jolly horses and discovered the most depressing art work…could not figure out what it meant or why it was there.

Both the Walker Boys managed to get some time of, and do fun stuff with mommy.
I went to the WONDERFUL new aquarium with the Youngest Mr. Walker and managed to make these rather blurry artful photos?

The Oldest Young Mr. Walker and I went to the Textile Museum of Canada and saw this great exhibition : Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol. All our favorite artists and we never knew they created all these wonderful designs for textiles. It was glorious!!! Here you see me in total bliss, admiring designs from Calder, Matisse and Miro..it made me very happy. You can also see that I am truly capable of flapping my ears with joy…


We also bought a new couch at our lovely Swedish friend Ikea and managed to assemble it with little problems. ( Yes, that Christmas Star hangs there all year…)


The result is stunning and comfortable!

Nogal wazige fotos van een wel heel gezellig weekje bij de Walker Boys. Meneer Walker moest naar Zweden en kon t gemakkelijkste reizen via Toronto. Hij zette me daar af en pikte me weer op. Ik had een heerlijke week met lekker breien, lezen, koken en een arrogante kat. Maar ook met gezellige tripjes naar t Aquarium, t Textiel Museum en Ikea!

Have a lovely weekend!!
Love and Liefs, Johanna.

Bumble Bee

DSC_7081I love Bumble Bees, flying little bears they are. I was very pleased with this photo! And I have a sweet little story.

The Youngest Mr. Walker was quite a feisty child with a huge imagination. And sometimes, his temper would flare up and he would explode with annoyance at me and the world in general. “That’s it, I have had enough! I am out of here!”, my five year old would exclaim and stomp of to his room to return with his backpack packed with his favorite cuddly soft toy and pj’s.
He would glare at me with red cheeks, scowling dark eyes…also expectantly.
I would then look at him, most sorrowful and I would say: ” But my little Bumble Bee..whatever would I be without you?”  He would contemplate this for a few seconds and then he would sigh:   “OK, if that is the case…I will stay.” I would laugh with relieved delight, he would climb on my lap and the world was perfect again.


Love and Liefs, Johanna

Fifty Faces of Charley Dog

This week, I should have finished a few drawings. Studied the many secrets of drawing in Perspective. I should have done garden work and Spring clean the cupboards (making space for the loot from the coming garage sale season)…..
Ha, but all I did was chitchatting with my youngest son, going for hikes with him, cooking delicious meals for him, seeing a movie ( The new Avengers..awesome!) playing board games and more board games….
The delightful young man is staying until Monday and then I will be hardworking again and catching up with I left lying around. Charley will be as in the first photos, sighing, moping and grumpy and missing her best friend. Poor Girl!

Since many of you remarked on Charley’s expressive face, I will leave you with some pretty pictures from her, though I do not think there fifty ;0)

So what are your plans for the weekend?

Love and Liefs, Johanna


This Week…


Total Bliss at the Walker Home now the Youngest Mr. Walker is here for two whole weeks!!! Proud mom here lets you all know, he passed his second year of college with flying colors. Some serious mollycoddling is in order and Charley is just very happy to have her friend at her side…


And how about this? A lovely, unexpected and funny gift from a very lovely, funny friend!!! Truly, I was speechless by this act of random kindness. And those of you who know me a little better…know I did have a secret little fluttering handkerchief moment…


I want to finish this drawing. I have a hundred ideas on how to but none of them seems plausible so far…


But I do have a new (to me) little friend in the studio!


Love this book: knitting and brilliant illustrations in one!


Kelly remarked the other day that I had Ninja Knitting Needles..it made me smile to think of a super hero who’s super power is knitting! I love knitting so much and I always have more than one project in progress…socks for long drives, socks with patterns for quiet moments, complicated patterns for challenge and this scarf pattern is just a joy!! I knitted a purple one but gave that away to a dear friend and forgot to take a picture. Now I am knitting it again in this delightful yarn…it will make a nice Christmas present.


Christmas…what am I talking about??? It is Spring!!!


Have a lovely weekend!


Een week van hoera-de-jongste-is-thuis, nogal wat gezellige breiwerkjes, een lief en grappig cadeautje dat een kopje thee nog lekkerder doet smaken,een tekening die maar maar niet af wil en heerlijke Lente!!!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Toronto, Canada…11mm to 16mm


We had a great Easter weekend, we were invited by The Walker Boys to spend the long weekend at their apartment! So wonderful to have the family together, sigh. We went for long walks, played board games and had a few very good home cooked meals. The weather was quite cold and no sign of Spring yet, all was sepia, grey and bare. Mr. Walker and I thought that was the perfect setting for some ‘different’ photography using the 11mm to 16 mm lens we gave each other last Christmas.

We went to The Beaches this time, explored the R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant and loved taking the subway. Well..how do we call this kind of Photography..Documentary Photography?

Ach het was weer zo gezellig om t lange Paasweekend bij de Walker Boys door te brengen. Omdat alles nog zo grijs en grauw was besloten Meneer Walker en ik om de 11mm to 16mm mee te nemen en eens een ‘andere’ vorm van fotografie uit te proberen. Hoe noemen we dit: documentaire fotografie?

Did you have a good long weekend?

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


About Happy Times and the Mystery of Facebook…


Although I am very critical towards my own drawings, I was really happy with this one.

Not yet tired of all those winter scene photos?  With all the grey and white, I am enjoying Spring and Fall photos from other parts of the worlds. These birds in the snow are mainly to show of that I finally mastered the trick of making a collage.


The Youngest Mr. Walker was here for a whole week, such bliss!!! Aaaand he is also my webmaster and IT consultant. So we spruced up the the pages for My Work and Sketches. And I decided to change the title a little…what do you think? Good decisions?


The Youngest Mr. Walker also created a Facebook Page for me. It is supposed to be a good thing and in view of more plans for the future too. Hmmm, it all seems a bit of witchcraft there to me. The Facebook button on my blog doesn’t always show up, I still have a hard time figuring out how to like or to respond via Facebook, let alone how to become friends!! Bare with me, dear friends and any advise is welcome….


Also Mr. Walker and I went to the yearly Mid Century Modern Show here in Cincinnati. Beautiful things there but my Dutch frugal heart went wild from the prices. Remember my yodeling about my dining room chairs? We saw exactly the same dining room set for…$4000.-!! Mr. Walker patted me on the shoulder but I just gasped. But we did buy this vase, ‘The Serpentine’ made by Haeger. I fell in love with it right away and Mr. Walker thought it was an excellent buy to celebrate the fact that we had our first date 30 years ago…you see why I fell in love with him right away too ;0)


But earlier, I found in a local store this piece of glass for Mr. Walker’s Collection  and this absolutely marvelous dog..not by Royal Copley this time but it’s cousin pottery, UPCO USA. Mr. Walker was very happy with the glass and nodded thoughtfully at the dog…the prices were very good of course.


It is still cold and nasty…so I follow the lovely Cathe’s example and bake and eat scones.


Ach, de winter gaat maar door hier, de vogeltjes blijven komen voor meer voer. En ik heb eindelijk geleerd hoe ik een foto collage kan maken…De Jongste Meneer Walker was hier en hij is ook mijn IT deskundige ;0) We hebben mijn blog wat opgepoetst en hij heeft een Facebook page gemaakt…dat laatste vind ik erg ingewikkeld. Maar Meneer Walker en ik zijn naar een Mid Century Modern beurs geweest: mooie spullen hoor maar ik kreeg appelflauwtes van alle prijzen daar. Meneer Walker was erg tevreden over mijn aankopen van garagesales ed van de afgelopen jaren. Wel hebben we de prachtige Haeger vaas gekocht, ter herinnering van t feit dat t 30 jaar geleden was dat we ons eerste afspraakje hadden…
T kunstig glaswerkje en de beeldschone hond vond ik eerder in een lokale ‘antiek’ winkel en waren natuurlijk voor de juiste prijs…je kan vast raden welke voor mij en welke voor Meneer Walker was ;0)


Love and Liefs, Johanna

About Young Gentlemen, Christmas, Aussies and 11 to 16 mm


Dr. Who and a Christmas tree?? Yes, you guessed right…we spent Christmas at the Walker Boys apartment in Toronto. But have a cuppa tea maybe, I have lots to show and tell…


First more about the Oldest Walker Boy, who spent a well earned vacation at the Walker residence. He was very proud to treat Mr. Walker to whiskey and cigars. Do not worry…this is only a once-a-year-happening..and outside in the garden, thank you very much;0)


And Young Mr. Walker made his mom very happy by taking her to the Antique Mall, where she found the most photogenic Christmas present of the year, though the rest of the Walker Clan found that very debatable. I love Royal Copley from the fifties and I wanted this Deer with Fawn planter so badly already for a long time. Young Mr. Walker knew what to do when he saw his mom cooing and purring when she discovered this one. He gave it to me for Christmas.


I have more Royal Copley. This fine example was giving to me by a dear friend last spring..according to her it was the most hideous present she ever bought. She was still shaking her head when she saw me yodeling and doing a little dance when unwrapping it.  Mr. Walker claims it grows on him but is ( very, very) happy I keep them in my studio….

I know you can buy them by the dozen on Ebay, but I rather find them at sales etc or get them as presents. OK I am rambling back to the story.


Juuust before we left for Toronto, this lovely Christmas bunting made by Dani arrived all the way from down under Australia…I could not post about it anymore but thank you so much dear girl!! We enjoyed it so much and we never had a Christmas card from Australia before. We and everybody visiting us, were completely fascinated by it! Dani, btw has a lovely blog about her beautiful home and garden and twins and the sweetest critters and gorgeous crochet work. 


Mr. Walker and I both like photographing and since Christmas and both our birthdays are so close together..we decided to give each other an 11 to 16mm lens ( by which I mean, we bought one and share it;0)) and of course we could not wait till Christmas but started playing with it right away;0)

It still needs a lot of practicing but I love the unusual, cartoon like atmosphere it creates.


Our House looks like a castle;0)


Charley is wondering why there is no turkey in this oven.

unnamed (1)-001

So of to Toronto: The Youngest Walker Boy just started a very nice job at a Computer Store in the Eaton Centre in Toronto. Of course he had to work during Holiday Season. Bravely he said;” Mom, we can skype on Christmas.”  Ha, no way…we packed our things and traveled to Toronto. The Youngest Walker Boy was so very happy.


Mr. Walker and I sat relaxed on a little bench outside the store in the mall, watching all those people shopping. But even more fun, watching our son working with so much pleasure and enthusiasm and his colleagues like him so much.

And then of course, I had a fluttering handkerchief moment…because he had such a bad start in life, and things looked so grim for such a long time and he is such a fighter and now 6 feet 5 , in college and working and happy with friends and family, oh dear oh dear…such bliss.


Well,and than Christmas at the Gentlemen’s Apartment. As you can see, the Modern Young Men even provided a crackling wood fire with presents in front;0)


Here you see the Youngest Mr. Walker entertaining us with dancing, whilst everybody is busy in the kitchen;0)


Leo, that cat, was happy as ever..more hands presents for belly rubs: he was ready for it!

OK tomorrow, back to work!

Love and Liefs, Johanna