Happy Times…


Happy Times at the  Walker Residence indeed with the oldest Walker Boy home for serious mollycoddling after working for than 9 months at an average of 12 hours a day (yesyes, proud mom speaking;0))


That calls for the favorite apple pie, Cream Schnitz!


With Eggnog of course…


The oldest Walker Boy loves reading and book stores just as much….I am going with vintage murder mystery for my Christmas reading this year. Found these two bookish websites, very inspiring! http://kaggsysbookishramblings.wordpress.com and http://reading19001950.wordpress.com


And we found some excellent Isaac Asimov books for the Youngest Walker Boy


Young Mr. Walker got very excited when he found this copy of ‘Fantasy Wargaming’ by Bruce Galloway. ‘Provides an entertaining source book for aficionados of the fantasy role-playing war game of “Dungeons and Dragons” ‘ according to Google Books.  Should I worry about that other title…???


The weather is mostly grey but the birds make the view outside lively and lovely.


I am still working on my fiddly crochet project and reward myself with easypeasy yoga knitting…


Finished my beanie hat. I am awful with selfies but Charley said ‘Me, me, me..I will model, pleasepleaseplease…” I said, : ‘OK but you have to convince your friend Kerry that you are really such a vain dog.’


‘Ha, no Problem’, Charley said. So first ‘En profile’ and here with an ultra feminine Peggy Lee imitation.


And then she got so sleepy and the sun ( shining for a whole hour!) was nice and warm…

Ha, een gezellige boel in t Walker Huis met de hardwerkende oudste Walker Boy thuis voor vakantie en verwennerijen! Grijs weer maar lollige vogeltjes, appeltaart en eggnog en ook nog een nieuw gebreide muts met een ijdele hond die wel model wilde zijn…

Love and Liefs,


Peace and Tea

cuppa tea002

“A cup of tea would restore my normality.”

‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams


Yup, a devoted tea drinker, every day, all day. I brew a big pot in the morning..pour it in the thermos and keep on sipping all day. I had a nasty flu..so even more tea was needed!

“The twitch above my right eye will disappear with knitting practice.”

At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much’  by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee


I had a delightful deal on the variegated yarn…got two of those balls. This will be a new hat but there is enough too for socks and what nots. Good medicine too.


Well and a wintery sunset, viewed from my kitchen window. Even better medicine..Achoo!


Nurse Charley…Zuster Charley…

Een akelig griepje velde me maar ik vond troost in thee, breien en haken en een prachtige winterse zonsondergang…hatsjie!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

Ready for Winter!


In the past weeks, I worked quite a lot in the garden getting it ready for winter. Not too soon because this is how it looked like this morning! Can you spot the bird of prey? He has a different notion of my idea of the bird feeding area in our garden he is eyeing…


It is a kind of hawk, but I find it hard to determine what kind.


So I trimmed back shrubbery and perennials, pruned trees, closed of the fountain. These hens and chickens plants should be OK in this sheltered corner. How I love that star shape pot.. another excellent and satisfying find at the local thrift for 3 dollars.


Planted lots of snowdrops, my favorite bulb and told the squirrels to stay away from them! It is going to look so pretty come Spring!


Like this illustration by Helen Jacobs in one of my favorite children books from my youth: the Dutch version of ‘Pow Pow Stories’ by Freda Collins…as you can see I read it over and over again.

DSC_4828  DSC_4826

The Garden shed looks kinda cozy with the pots of Geraniums and the like overwintering.


Ha, and my gloves with extra long cuffs for my extra long arms…just finished yesterday! My apologies for the blurry photo…apparently I was too excited to stand still;0)

Nou zeg, tuin en warme handschoenen net op tijd klaar want zo zag onze tuin er uit vanmorgen…

Love and Liefs, Johanna


Dog Days of Summer and Garden Crimes


It is hot, very, syrupy hot. I try not sigh and let my thoughts drift to the delicious days when fall will set in, the cold, the sweaters, the food….My ‘neighbor’ Benjamin said it all too well and I laughed out loud.


Charley loves it…I think she was a Sphinx in her previous life and worshipped the sun.


All my pumpkins, safe two were the victim of mildew, a big problem here so I discovered to my chagrin. Since I do not like to bother with any kind of fungicide or pesticide…I removed them from the garden. Now the last but one has been viciously ripped from the vine during the night and half eaten…by whom???


And I knew the squirrels were pretending, they were the owners of my strawberries but what creature makes a slimy mess here???


Thank goodness, the last pumpkin is hiding between the Swiss chard and secretly growing away.


And I saw the first Chinese Lanterns peeping from the underneath the leaves. Be still my heart!




So what else to do in this heat but retreat to the shade and AC heaven and read a book. Last time, I told you all how mesmerized I was with the movie Dean Spanley. I requested the book the movie was based on from the wonderful Cincinnati Library and again I was not disappointed. They send me this gorgeous copy from 1936! What a delightful book to read and forget about this weather!


And the Walker Boys requested a small but stylish Christmas Display for their new apartment in Toronto, soon to be moved in to. I found the idea and pattern on this wonderful website. I love the ‘steampunk’ ornaments I found and the whole ‘package’ will fit perfectly in the young Misters Walker Gentlemen’s Apartment. Another excellent project to forget this weather.


Aan t einde van de zomer, slaat de hitte hier weer toe. Ik probeer erg hard niet te zuchten en te denken aan de gezellige,koele dagen die herfst gaat brengen. In de tuin zijn verschillende boeven bezig mijn pompoenen en aardbeien op te eten. Ik lees maar eens een heel goed boek en maak een fraai kerstgebeuren in de airco oase. T kerstgebeuren is voor t appartement van de Walker Jongens. Het idee en patroon kan je hier vinden.

Love and Liefs,



Happy Times


It was a lovely week! The youngest Walker boy, college student in Toronto, came home for 10 days, for a well earned mollycoddling by his parents. It was a sweet reunion for Charley and her best friend. Pure Bliss!


I found a sweet vase whilst treasure hunting, filled it with crabapple branches, it has a nice fall feeling. Since fall is my favorite season, this vase make me very happy.


No fall outside yet, it is still very hot…oh well, that gives nice images too.


These gorgeous teacups were softly singing to me in the Anthropology store. This pattern will be discontinued and since these were the last three, they were half price. Of course, I took them home. Tea tastes some much better in a good cup.


Re-read this wonderful Victorian novel, borrowed this nice old copy from the oldest Walker boy.


The story seems even better, read from these yellowed pages.


Ploughing onwards with Calligraphy…the teacher said, there was ‘some improvement’…I suspect this is not my hidden talent but it is nice to learn the techniques anyway ;0)


I did discover more use of the translucent qualities of calligraphy paper…


Aaaaand the Youngest Walker boy agreed to watch the magnificent movie Dean Spanley with me. I have seen this movie so many times and each time I discover something new to the story. Young Mr. Walker agreed: this is a magnificent movie. Coming form a boy who is very, very much into Science Fiction…you understand: you have to watch this movie too.

Wat een heerlijke week, met onze jongste zoon thuis! T weer was heet maar de koopjes goed. Kalligraferen blijkt geen onvermoed talent van mij, maar t is leuk om de techniek te leren. En met t doorschijnende papier kan je meer leuke dingen doen;0) En we zagen de prachtige film Dean Spanley: een aanrader! Heb een prettig weekend!

Have a Great Weekend,



Summer Garden and “Something for the Weekend”


I do not have a veggie garden anymore but these few pots and containers are very satisfying too. Johanna’s homestead..says Mr. Walker ;0)

DSC_3887  DSC_4139

The squirrels really enjoy my strawberries. Thank goodness the shops are full of Summer Harvest.

DSC_3997  DSC_3810

I love crumbles and have many recipes for them. This is my favorite summer version, a very healthy version!!! You can use any kind of soft fruits but the blue berries is a must since it will give the dish its natural sweetness.


Summer Crumble

  • 2 Apples (Peeled, cored and sliced)
  • 1 Cup blue berries
  • 2 Cups strawberries
  • 2 pears, peeled, cored and chopped
  • 2 Tbsp tapioca flour/starch or corn starch
  • 1 Cup almond flour
  • 1 Cup ground flax seed
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 Tbsp agave syrup or honey
  • 4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 Cup canola oil
  • a little (almond) milk
  • I used a shallow oven proof dish of 9X12X 3 inches.


Pre-heat oven at 375F/ 200C

Grease the dish lightly and mix fruit. Dust the fruit with the tapioca, that will bind the fluids of the cooked fruits.

Mix all other ingredients into nice crumbles, add a little milk if it looks too dry. Divide the crumbles over the fruit. It might not look that much but the baking powder will double the amount.

In the oven for about 25 min. or when golden brown.

Nice as dessert, breakfast, with a cuppa tea/ hot cocoa….or whenever!


Ik heb geen moestuin meer maar een hier en daar toch even wat groente en fruit..Meneer Walker noemt t Johanna’s boerderij. Als je t recept kopieert naar Google Translate, dan krijg je de Nederlandse versie.

Love and Liefs Johanna


How Was Your Weekend?



How was your weekend? Here at the Walker House all was peaceful and quiet.


It rained a lot, quite cozy. So we slept in a little and some of us more..


So no eating at the patio but breakfast was very good.


And this egg cup makes me very happy.


I had my fist Calligraphy Lesson and believe it or not…this sheet is the result of two and half hours of hard work. I know now about pen angle, height an direction, nibs and marker paper and  a whole lot more. I loved it and look forward to the next one.


Lots of reading.


Some crocheting.


Got rather excited about this pumpkin growing in my ‘urban veggie patch’!


And I baked a cake ( you might have spotted it already on the breakfast table) This is a gluten free cake, very good but GF cakes never look so pretty. The cake stand makes up for that;0) For gorgeous cakes look at these beautiful blogs by Kerry and Karen.

So what did you do?

Ha, we hadden heerlijk weekend met regen, lekker ontbijt en cake, lezen, haken en mijn eerste kalligrafie les. Wat heb jij zoal gedaan?

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


A Garden Fairy with Attitude!


So I was strolling through the garden with my camera at hand and this garden fairy happily chitchatting along side…you know what I am talking about. There are everywhere high summer, right? She is a perky little thing although she can gossip quite horribly about all the other creatures in my garden.

She looked so charming when she leaned against this little toadstool and I wanted to take her picture. But last minute, she squealed and ducked away…you can just see her wings there.

So I said: ” Whaaat?” and she squeaked that her hair wasn’t right, there was a wrinkle in one of the wings, she was wearing the wrong dress.  “No,No, No….but you can draw me?”, she purred. All right than, so I took out my sketch pad and made this drawing. I am not so pleased with the result but she keeps hovering all over it, humming softly.


She might look a little shy because of the way she poses…but I think of her as a fairy with an attitude.

Het is hoogzomer en t stikt in de tuin van de tuinelfjes, zoals altijd rond deze tijd, toch? Dit dametje wilde niet op de foto (je kan nog net haar vleugeltjes achter de paddestoel zien) maar ik mocht haar wel tekenen: verwaand ding!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


Happy Times


How are you? And if you live in America, how was your Fourth of July weekend?


Mr. walker and I had a lovely, serene days with weather that felt so nice and cool after the heat of the past weeks.


Lots of reading and bird watching on the patio.


Good organic and local food on the BBQ.


Fourth of July pie for desert of course.

DSC_3795 DSC_3796

And a little fire ( too hot for a big one;o))

DSC_3877 DSC_3879

Last year I learned to crochet and in this lovely book I found this challenging pattern, tried it and it worked out! Such bliss…


And just being home and doze off a little and enjoy the sunshine…all that happiness!


Meneer Walker en ik hadden een lang weekend vanwege de Amerikaanse Onafhankelijkheidsdag….wat een heerlijke dagen waren dat!

Wat heb jij zoal t weekend gedaan?

Love and Liefs, Johanna