Scraphappy: Little Fun Project!

No library displays this time! I am busily working on the winter 
display but worried that I donโ€™t have enough time and too much 
ambition = not the only one in the craft world with this problem 


So I did this little cute project. And you can see my Ravelry notes 

Now this little pumpkin was not only a joy to knit on a cold Sunday 
afternoon but it tells me so much more. The stem is brown Merino 
bought when we still lived in Canada, the leave is 100% USA wool 
bought somewhere in the Rocky Mountains at an incredibly cute 
handcrafts store that seemed to appear out of nothing and I cannot 
find back on the map. (Shame on me, I know...)
And the golden orange/brown 100% Scottish wool was bought at the 
Harris Tweed Company in the Hebrides when Mr. Walker and I where 
there in August and September this year to celebrate our wedding 
anniversary...30 years ago we had our honeymoon in Scotland ๐Ÿ’ซ
DSC_4160 2

So you can understand how I love looking at this little pumpkin. 

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Ha, een lollig klein  pompoentje denk jij! Maar als je weet dat t 
gebreid is met restjes van wol gekocht in Canada, de Rocky Mountains,
 USA en Schotland...dan snap je wel dat dit pompoentje toch heel 
wat verhalen te vertellen heeft. Je kan mijn Ravelry aantekeningen 
hier bekijken: 

Love and Liefs,


43 thoughts on “Scraphappy: Little Fun Project!

  1. This is so cute! I have a little shelf above my kitchen sink where I put small decorations for the different seasons and holidays — this would be a cute addition, and I can picture a series of these small knitted pieces to include, like maybe a flower for spring, shell for summer, etc.

  2. That little pumpkin is adorable–and such memories knitted in. Congratulations on your anniversary. It’s nice to go back later isn’t it? How did you envision your lives on the first visit? It’s always nice to reflect and remember…

    • That is a lovely question! 30 Years ago, we drove around in little old Italian car and a camped out in a tiny tent for 3 weeks: a perfect image of enthusiasm, courage and trust. 30 years seems to flown by with 2 grown up sons and a life of working all over the world, living in Canada and America. We feel very blessed for sure! Thank you so much!!!

  3. I love this, too! All those yarny memories make it extra-special and your autumn vignettes are beautifully composed. I SO wish you’d write a blog post and tell us more about the Outer Hebrides and Harris Tweed. This is the next trip I’m hoping to take . . .

    • You will love it!! The nature, the people, the food…it is all wonderful!! And you can sniff and talk yarn, wool, weaving everywhere! These craftsmen and women are so proud of their beautiful work! And don’t be affraid of the weather: we never had much rain on any UK vacation!

    • You will love it!! Nature the people, food…its all fantastic!! And you can talk and sniff wool, yarn, weaving everywhere! These amazing craftspeople are so proud of their work and rightfully so!

  4. Belated 30th Anniversary dear ! Wonderful to have collected bit’s of wool together from these trips to create your little pumpkin, which completely amazes me. I generally collect a stone, piece of driftwood or such for a dish of bric-a-brac. Not as creative, but I do love poking around in it at times. Honestly, I’m amazed you’ve kept a bit of wool for 30 years and knew where it came from ๐Ÿ˜€
    Your fall vignette is magical. There’s so many interesting layers. Love the little statue donning more of your handiwork. All as charming as you xK

    • Well..the wool is not 30 years old, I bought it on this trip in Scotland. But I usually do remeber where I get my yarns from indeed. Although I do wish my memory would work equally well for useful things like birthdays and directions…and I love your souvenir collecting too!!!

  5. How meaningful a little pumpkin! And how meaningful a trip to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. Traveling to the Hebrides sounds fantastic and a shopping trip to Harris Tweed. Wow! I hope you bought lots and shipped it all home.

    • I did!! Lots of yarns and a lovely jacket. And it was meaningful indeed to travel back after 30 years, thinking of how young we were back than and how blessed we feel now. Thank you Annie!!!

  6. Belated Happy Anniversary, Johanna! The pumpkin tells your stories well and looks so good in both the scenes you’ve set it in and on its own too.
    I am sure you’ll get your Winter Display done in time and it will be a work of art, as ever!

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