Lately…Lots of Important Nothings


Whilst I was still daydreaming a little about Yellowstone Park, life went on most pleasantly. Fall has started and most of you know how happy that makes me. Long walks in colder temperatures, enjoying the colors and all treasures Mother Nature leaves us whilst she is preparing for a good rest. Β It gives me a chance to show this photo again…already 2 or 3 years old. But I love it so much and can you imagine how many shots that took?;o)

I love the atmosphere Fall brings into the house, so delightfully cozy!

unnamed (5)
Charley and I want to be outside all day and she is giving me the stare until I grab the leash!

Reading is so much better too when temperatures drop. I am really enjoying these books.

I was really happy to see this flyer from Rickey illustrated by me…

unnamed (3)
I also spent a week with my sons in Toronto for Canadian Thanks Giving and it was a celebration of so much to be thankful for indeed.

unnamed (7)
It made even worthwhile to endure the shenanigans of the most spoiled cat in the whole of Canada…

DSC_9636I cannot show much knitting. All these delicious yarns are going to be used for Christmas presents and I really have to keep my ninja needles clickety clacking to get it all ready before the end of December!

However, I will show you soon more of my experiments with pastels! I love working with it and it seems even lovelier on black paper.

Star Gazers

But first I am going to spoil a very special person for a whole week. Was I so happy to meet up with one BFF in I am again in high spirits and very happy because another BFF from The Netherlands is coming here. I am already at the airport, for I do not want to be late for her plane to arrive;o)

unnamed (6)
Ach de weken vliegen weer voorbij na de heerlijke reis. Allerlei belangrijke niemendalletjes die te maken hebben met een verrukkelijke herfst, geheimzinnig breien voor Kerst, meer oefenen met pastels, Thanksgiving vieren bij mijn jongens in Toronto en hun immens verwende kat! En nu ben ik al helemaal door t dolle heen omdat ik weer een fijne vriendin uit Nederland op bezoek krijg!!! Oei, ik zit al t vliegveld zodat ik haar aankomst niet mis ;o)


Love and Liefs, Johanna

68 thoughts on “Lately…Lots of Important Nothings

  1. Oh, Johanna, your post even makes me long for autumn and cooler temps. Now, that’s really saying something for me! I do find myself longing for the fall foliage which has only taken about 20 years in Florida for me to start reminiscing about the fall weather! HA! And Charley looks absolutely delighted and delightful! πŸ™‚

  2. Charley appears to have every attribute needed as a companion and friend. Those eyes, that face that says, “I’m paying attention to you because you are my world.”

  3. I truly love fall too, Johanna. My wife hates it. Don’t like the wind, or the cooler temperatures, and can’t stand that it gets dark by five o’clock. All good points mind you, but I love the wind and the sound of leaves rustling across the ground. The way the shadows at dusk grow longer, and the way all the trees turn to vibrant colors across the landscape.

  4. Important nothings make the world go ’round. It all sounds and looks wonderful at your place.I am definitely no artist, but from schooldays I well remember the wonderful sound of the pastels on the textured black paper, the gorgeous almost fluffy lines, and the smell of them. Lovely! Have a fantastic weekend πŸ™‚

  5. How can you find time for reading πŸ˜‰ I struggle and I’m not half as productive as you Johanna !
    Lovely post complete with your sketches …
    I’m looking forward to kicking some leaves with our hound too … Charley does have a very comfy spot there !

  6. Life is full of important nothings, and your post shows how these important nothings can make a beautiful, meaningful life. Speaking of beautiful…that leaf photo is stunning. I can imagine how long it took you to get that shot. No wonder you want to reuse it. So glad you did!
    Have a wonderful time with your friend.

  7. I know you’ll have a terrific time with your friend, J. Enjoy every morsel of this week.

    That first single photo of the leaf in flight is stunning. What a great shot! And of course I can never get enough of Charlie or even the most spoiled cat in Canada. Sweeties, the two of them.

    I’ve missed walking with my foot in a boot, so I’ll live vicariously through you. There is nothing like a crisp, fall walk through the dropping leaves. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  8. What a joyful post with plenty of important and delightful events and photos!The flying dead leaf in the flawless blue skies brings nostalgia for the wonderful holidays you had and the intimate house shots with the dec are filled with plenty of home-warmth!Charley,the princess of the house,is posing with grace and the week you spent with the young Walkers sounds gorgeous!So much to see and marvel at,in your delightful post of “Important Nothings,dear friend!If I go praising,I’ll rewrite your brilliant post!And last but not least,the flyer … Congrats,Johanna,keep going my lovely one!Have a great time with BFF & a nice weekend πŸ™‚ xxx

  9. I never know where to start when responding to yours posts–they are always so FULL! It sounds like you are in such a happy place–friends, sweet-faced dog, lots to keep you busy at home! And your photos–so perfect at capturing the energy and joy of autumn! That blowing leaf–I can’t even imagine catching that shot!

  10. Lovely post, Johanna! I can’t wait to see more of your pastel experiments. I love the one against black paper! In fact I thoroughly enjoyed all of the pictures – great illustrations for the dog trainer, too! I had to smile at the grey cat – I used to have one that looked just like that. I mean really – even that nose. He would have been the other most spoiled cat in Canada. πŸ™‚ Xo

  11. Hi Johanna, I am sorry I have not been able to read and comment on your posts recently as my computer is sick. I am reading this post on my brother’s computer right now.
    Congratulations on having your illustrations used on the flyer.
    In this post you have captured your love of autumn perfectly.

  12. Johanna, what a sumptuous autumn you have shared. I get a real feeling for it here in springtime NZ!
    As for the most spoiled cat in Canada….. how could he not be. Such velvet looking fur, totally divine.

    And dear Charley…. so encouraging a companion. what a joy he is!
    Happy autumn to you Johanna. πŸ™‚

  13. Oh, Johanna, your work is always amazing! I love the picture of the falling leaf as well, and the decorations. You really put a smile on my face today! Thank you πŸ™‚ I’ll try to catch up with your writings. It’s been a while!

  14. It is always such a pleasure to visit your blog Johanna. It really is just like visiting your home; your life. I love the way you style little displays and arrangements there. And it is a place full of creativity and love. I was delighted to see the pastel drawing of my favourite sheep. Very sweet! And I am so pleased to see how well dear Charley is looking πŸ™‚
    Have a great week end.
    Karen x

  15. Dear Johanna, one I felt in love with Charley. Its gaze belongs to an excellent heart, but I don’t know the name of your adorable kitten. I like all the corners of your home. Congrats!

    • Thank you Dear Henry and Charley wagged her tail when I read your comment to her! The cat’s name is Leo and lives with my sons in Toronto, Canada. The poor thing was rescued after being abandoned and hit by a car. He has a very aristocratic attitude, does not like women with high pitched voices ( thank goodness my voice does not fall in to that category) He enjoys life to the fullest, easy because he is spoiled thoroughly by my sons!

  16. Your first photo is indeed wonderful J. Even now, long after the moment, it makes me feel light as air. I just love watching the leaves fall in the sunshine. We had a beautiful Fall season, quite prolonged this year. I was in San Jose in early October to spend Alys’s birthday together. What a good time we had. When I got home, all the trees were bare, so I missed the major transformation. I did get some awesome photo’s of Alberta in late fall from the air though. Flying in a very small plane, we were at a much lower altitude than usual. The Rockies were quite beautiful on a sunny clear day from way up there.

    I clicked on Charley in your tags to see what that sweet girls been up too. That is a funny look you’re getting but she’s posing so elegantly isn’t she? I hope she’s enjoying winter and life continues to be cozy for her and her peeps. BTW, while that kitty is too adorable for words, I will add mine to the list of ‘most spoiled cats in all of Canada’. Petals continues to vocally challenge every word mom says and Blossum thinks every trip through the kitchen means she’s being fed. Inevitably, at some point during the day, I tell them that they’re naughty and if they weren’t so dang cute, I’d be really cross, LOL xo K

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