Lately: Apologies, Taking a Break and Happy Easter!!!


Dear blog friends! Myohmyohmy, life is unusual busy here at the Walker residence. Kitchen redecoration, several travels, a garden that needs full devotion in Spring…most of it fun. However, my pace of life is usually very slow so when things speed up, I have a hard time moving along.

I have neglected you all terribly. So sorry about that.



Even too busy to do much drawing but I did make these two birthday cards for two veryveryvery special people.

So I have decided to take a break from blogging! I am going to miss you all terribly.

I wish you all Happy Easter and I hope we can all enjoy good spring weather.

Een ongebruikelijke drukke bedoening hier in Huize Walker! Keuken wordt eens opgeknapt, de tuin heeft alle aandacht natuurlijk nodig, er wordt gereisd ook…ohohoh, ik heb mijn blogvrienden verwaarloosd!!! Dus ik heb de knoop doorgehakt en neem eens even een pauze van bloggen!

Ik wens iedereen fijn Paasdagen toe en een heerlijke lente!

Love and Liefs,

78 thoughts on “Lately: Apologies, Taking a Break and Happy Easter!!!

  1. Good morning Johanna,
    No need to apologize. There are more things in life than blogging.
    I love yout Easter decorations. They’re wonderful.
    Happy Easter to you and yours, too,

      • Hi Johanna,
        Tes, I had great weekends – Easter, but especially the last one, with a fantastic bicycle ride here in the Texas Hill Country [42 miles in exceptional weather]. I’ll blog about it soon. And I also got some great shots of an early morning in the Hill Country [].
        Have a great weekend,

  2. Happy Easter Johanna, I love all your homey images. The knitted eggs are precious. Have a nice break and I’ll look forward to seeing you when you return.

  3. I’ll miss you and your chronicle of such a lovely creative life. Have a good break! I, too, will be eagerly awaiting your return.

  4. Happy Easter, Johanna! Life gets busy and it can sweep us all up. It’s thoughtful to explain your absence, but I understand and I’ve been there, too. But, I think we all understand, though. We’ll miss you too, but that’s the selfish part of us because we enjoy seeing your work. Enjoy the break with the family and we hope you come back refreshed. :O)

  5. Your daffodils look beautiful and I like the blue Robin’s egg too! 💙 I recently took a blogging break myself. 😃 So I completely understand but I will miss you! 💖Look forward to your return! Happy Easter and Spring! 🌈🌷🐰💐💕

  6. You and me both. I’m moving slower and there is more to do than hours in the day. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. I have several times. Life is to be savored rather than rushed through. Enjoy your spring work and your Easter.

  7. I was just beginning to wonder what had happened to you so it’s good to know all is well! Taking a break is all well and good but I hope you won’t stay away tooooooo long! Happy Spring, Johanna! XOXOX

  8. Happy Spring, Happy Easter Johanna! A break is a good thing, just slow down and enjoy your time. We’ll see you on your return. Take care!

    I love your cards, warm home images and darling Charley!

  9. Happy Easter dear Johanna! I understand completely why you need a break from blogging – I have been considering it myself. Enjoy your time with family and in the garden
    Clare xx

  10. Johanna, These images make me feel right at home, especially Easter bunny and Charley. Enjoy your break. Time to create and rest and do other stuff. See you when you return! 🙂

  11. I will miss you too! Enjoy the beautiful spring weather. We are just starting to warm up here, so I will be outside more and on my computer less too.

    Happy Easter and hugs, Anne

  12. Johanna, I’m FINALLY doing a bit of WP Blog catch up, and very much understand the challenge of keeping up with many things that are loved.
    As with the others, I wish you a bright and happy spring!

  13. Hello Johanna and Charley, I’ve been desperately zipping here and there trying to do a catch up. I see that you are very busy with life too. How awesome is it that our lives are so rich and full. Will simply say Happy Spring to you and all those you love dearly. I’ve been asked to do a class at Urban so that’s my latest thing. Big hugs all around. xo K

  14. Homemade cards are the best! I really enjoyed all the photos of your lovely home! Your home is so cheerful and warm!. I’m happy I fell into your blog. Best wishes to you! Koko:)

  15. Delightful Easter images and a stunning Charley portrait at the very end.Hope you enjoyed your Easter and your break,dear Johanna.Our Greek Orthodox Easter was very late this year.We celebrated it on the 1st of May,it coincided with May Day.We celebrated it by the beach and with plenty of spring blossoms.All the best to you and a special hug to Charley for me 🙂 xxx

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